Top 10 Most Satisfying CNC Machine In Working. Heavy Duty Vertical Lathe & Mill Turn Center

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Top 10 Most Satisfying CNC Machine In Working. Heavy Duty Vertical Lathe & Mill Turn Center

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Jim Sperlakis says:

I shaped a Lot of Gears in my career. I couldn't sell it if it had that bad a surface finish!


keren mas brooo…👍

PiNoChEt augusto says:

постер пиздити

backho12 says:

The Bost people sure make some awesome machine tools!

Waseem Khan Durrani says:

I'm working Al round waldar

Dodih Supriyadih says:


이봉상 says:

공구 날 관리좀 잘하라 공구 날이 무디어 칩에 불꽀이튀잔아 그데들도 엔지니어냐 냉각도 않하고 절삭 가공 하냐 바이트가 남아 나갰냐 쯔즈…..

Sigouss says:

I want to see more of that 18m lathe!

Tim John says:

I would sell a kidney for that millturn machine, but I don't think it would be enough.

Anton Gyrt says:

Ляпота то какая, красота!

bob gleaser says:

I guess it would be safe to say you are not going to see these machines in your local garage machine shop.

Rachid Boutoughmas says:


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