Top 10 Tools for Auto Electrical Repair and Diagnosis

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Fuse Saver (I forgot to mention this one)
Soldering Stick
Wire Solder
Wire Holder
Liquid Electrical Tape
Wire back probing kit
Piercing probes
Test Light
Power Probe Black III
Fuse Buddy MINI
Fuse Buddy Regular
Amp Probe

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Faiz Ansari says:

Thanks For Video

zaithwa banda says:

Can you teach me online

Jinabo Jinabo says:

U are my teacher, thanks very much sir, respect, preparing to go Bahrain for work

No Class 2 gun says:

If you go for the power probe 4 or the maestro it has the fuel injector tester built in. It can do momentary, pulse or Latch.

Delvon Taylor says:

I am doing level 2 auto repairs, will this benefit me?

Kaakyire Kuami Appiah says:

Can you please lest there are name please

walide amine says:

Hello If you choose between powerprobe and oscilloscope Which one is most used thank you

M.J Automobile says:

please include names

Run Bou says:


Iswin Guillen says:

Pocket knife

Rahmat ali car expert trainner says:

Thanks for basic tools knowledge

Hortencia Cardenas says:

I am looking for a bearing race n seal Drive set

Leslie Roberts says:

Ladies* and gentlemen

Anas Adamu says:

please I want your help to teach me how can I used diagnosed tool to car here in Nigeria and they way to buy thanks anasadamu68@gmail

Arivu Azhagan says:

Thanku sir how to use

Agile OBD2 Scanner says:

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Oliver,s Toys says:

I need help please can you help me please I will appreciate it I have a 2016 dodge ram all my gauges are no working only the screen reads the gas temperature speedometer and rpms but I need the gauges working i take it to a shop and they didn't find the problem I can afford to spend more money I'm unemployed at the moment please help

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José Duarte Miranda says:

Shoo Goo for $8 per large tube is rubber compound and fine liquid insulation for wires. I used it and some inner tube to seal the split on the 6 guage power cable to my Century welder. Signed, sealed, delivered.

Daniel Kadera says:

I dig the fancy power probe. I've always cheaped out and just soldered some alligator clips to some jumper wire.

Khalid Khan says:

I m Khalid Khan interested auto electrician heavy equipments

Mukesh banjara says:

Nice bro….

Steve says:

It’s impossible for copper to rust.

william d says:

Great vid 😃

Steve Tang says:

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Otis says:

Add an IPA-9000 Pulsar, a DLC BOB, AES uActivate, 4 channel Pico, Pressure Transducer, Phil's Probe, and some Pomona Probes and a headlight bulb (4 AMP draw) wired as a test light.

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