Top 20 Tools Every Man Should Have

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Wranglerstar’s Top 20 tools every man should have on Youtube. Crosscut rip cut saw, Stiletto titanium framing hammer, ideal electrician screwdrivers set Philips and slotted, Dewalt 25 tape measure, 4 in hand rasp file, Purdy paint brush, Dewalt cordless lithium brushless drill, Klien awl, Crescent adjustable wrench, Empire 12″ level, Snap-on pliers, 3M rubber sanding block, Dewalt nail set, Orcon utility knife, toilet plunger, Morakniv chisel, parachute hardware bag.

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Hand Saw
Titanium Hammer
Ideal Screwdrivers
Dewalt 25″ Tape
4-in-hand rasp
Purdy Paint Brush
Dewalt Cordless drill
Klien Awl
Wrench Crescent
Empire Level
Snap-On pliers
3M Sanding block
Dewalt Nail Set
Orcon Utility Knife
Toilet plunger
Morakniv Chisel
Parachute hardware bag

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Matt Moore says:

A bucket of hot water and dump from high as u can and as fast as u can. Rinse and repeat til toilet is unclogged. Will work but takes more time

Glenn Robertson says:

Did he do more videos to this

Krystan Honour says:

This is good advice but dewalt Makita and Milwaukee are huge overkill for a first toolkit something like Bosch green for most people is good, ofc if you are doing 300 holes a day the three brands above are the best for sure, the point about brands and batteries is brilliant advice, batteries are not cheap

LetsBoogieDown says:

My suggestion: the painter's tool

Fran Cruz says:

Why only man?

Fran Cruz says:

Wipe your nose with a tissue or a hanky 🤣

Lloyd Brown says:

Brilliant video… I appreciate this as a 16 year old who was kicked out of a beautiful property up north to live in a townhouse with my mother and stepfather in Florida… and I often get caught doing most of the basic maintenance around the house down here due to my stepfather's lack of willingness to do practical homeowner's work, so this video is a good start that should come in handy down the line…

Chandrakant Indapurkar says:

Good information provided
Thank you very much

jamestheferret 8 says:

The only thing I'd add is a good set of ball end Allen keys. The amount of flat packed furniture ect nowadays is reason enough to have on hand

heidigib01 says:

Your right, women want men that know how to fix things. Utcsometimes we need to learn how too.

Bishop Kamikaze says:

I'm an automotive technician of 10 years, and own probably $70+k in tools, and this video was still entertaining. Awesome advice for the newbies.

BlueSteel says:

Applause on the tool choices! You matched my inventory exactly lol. Nice video

BlueSteel says:

Applause on the tool choices! You matched my inventory exactly lol. Nice video

Rochd Chati says:

Great video! A good tool belt is also a must! It's also something you mentioned several times in the vid so pretty much a given.

I have to say I've been watching your vids for years now and you're my go to whenever I have a question that needs answering – you always seem to have a video on the subject.

Bernd Colve says:

My 1st Tools (1980) were:
Young boy:
1.) boys wood tool set (mini hammer 100g, coping saw, mini handdrill, mini clamp, mini folding rule 1m, slot screw driver, mini file, mini rasp, nipper pliers, etc.), 2 gear hand drill + wood drill bit set,
2.) electronic parts & connector board from electronic experiment set: Rs, Cs, Transistors,

3.) bicycle repair kit: tire glue + tire patch + sand paper, dumpbell spanner/multi tool, spare parts (lamp, valve, wire), small ratchet (15 cm) + nut set (4mm – 15mm),

1st professional Radio- & TV Repair & Service-Technician:
4.) impact drill machine (B&D 500W left/right + screw bit slot/philips, good quality still works today after contact brush renew),

5.) mechanical tool box (heavier tools): folding rule + pencil, water level, hammer (500g & 200g), saw grip + exchangable blades, wood chisel set 3 sizes, stone chisel, files and rasp set = flat + half round + full round + quadrat + triangled, carpet utility knife + exchangable blades,

6.) electric + electronic aluminium tool case: a) electrician tools (screw driver set, phasing tester, drill bits, combination pliers, needle nose pliers, bent pointed pliers), scraper + filler/gyps mix cup,
b) electronic tools (soldering iron + tin solder, analog multimeter, precision screw drivers + inbus alan keys, small side cutter, etc.), most used spare parts, etc.,
7.) incidentals assortment case with spare parts:
nails, hooks, screws + nut bolts, dowel/peg, shim/washer,
electromechanic spare parts (screw terminal, switches, relais, …), electric spare parts (fuses, lamps), electronic spare parts (resistors, caps, transformer, transistors, ICs, LEDs, …)

8.) 1-channel analog oscilloscope (HAMEG quality still works today after renew a voltage regulator IC),

2nd professional electrical & computer engineer (family + house):
9.) hand tools for renovation & installation: vice, long isolation glas fiber cutter, trowel, mix propeller, paint brush + p. roller, hot melt gun,
10.) bigger material boxes: glue, sand paper, wallpaper + w. paste + paint, floor (carpet/PVC/laminat), dry wall screws + duwel, water pipes + valves + fittings + sealing + s. rings, electrical cables/wires + plugs + automatic fuses,

11.) mechanical car tool set case: nut sets + ratchet driver, crimp pliers + wire connector set + end sleeves, screw driver set slot philips, waterpump pliers, combination pliers, car spare parts (lamp, fuse set, etc.), car lifting jack + 4-way wheel spider,

12.) electric tools: jig saw, orbital sander, accu screw driver + drill, vibrating multi tool (cut/scrape/sand),

BangTheRocksTogether says:

Nice. Love your work.
Point of order: A large set, as in 20 pieces, of screwdrivers counts as one (1) tool. Leaving some dumb kid without a #3 Phillips, and three (#1-#3) Robertson (Yes, i am Canadian), and a huge flathead prybar is questionable procedure.

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