Top 5 AC Problems and How to Fix Them

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Top 5 AC problems and how to fix them. I go over five of the most common air conditioner problems and explain what needs to be done to get them fixed. With each AC problem, I reference a few videos for that specific problem that will be helpful in getting it fixed. Whether your air conditioning is not working at all, barely working, not cooling, or half working, there is a good chance that that one of the things I cover in this video is the issue that your unit is having.
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Lydia Kaul says:

Great video. Will refer and share. Thank you again for sharing this information
God bless you and your family.

ItsJuniorGarcia says:

Great work sir, my capacitor was bad and every 30 seconds my compressor tried to start but failed. Replacing capacitor took care of it and saved me $250 with just a $25 part and 30 minutes of my time. 🙂 Keep up the SUPER videos!

khang ngo says:

Why the AC units fan so loud and how to fix it?

Mister Sir says:

Thank you, and thank you.

Inth says:

Bro thank you I wish I can give you more thumbs

tom giannini says:

I hope you can help me I had my AC working after motor went I replaced it everything was good except the contact will not work now I don’t believe I am getting 24 to it

Javier Herrera says:

Thanks bro, very good video!👍

Always Thinking says:

this video is worth 1000 dollars

Mexican AudioSomelliere says:


Khonkai.B says:

He miss out the fuse. Sometime your fuse burn out fan will not turn on outside
And inside still blowing air but not cold.

Richard Bishop says:

Man I slily wanna tell you you’re very good God bless you

J TRA says:

Hi Jay, a question for ya. I notice that there're cold air blowing out of the AC drain condensation line in the attic. The air is cool up in the attic when AC is running. Don't think it should do that under normal circumstances right? The doors & air ducts are completely sealed thus I have no way to diagnose it unless I slice open the seal & tapes. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated? thnx…

Francisco Quezada says:

The best so far video I ever watched about A/C thank you so much

Kelly McCulley says:

My issue is my capacitor blows like every 5 months…..

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