Top 5-axis CNC machines 2021| 5 Best Desktop 5 Axis CNC Milling Machines STARTING $3600

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Top 5-axis CNC Milling machines 2021

5) RobotDigg 5-axis CNC machine:
Chinese made
Build volume: 150 x 125 x 125mm
Cost: $3600

4) Pocket NC
Build volume: 116 x 127 x 90mm
Starting cost $6000

3) Diabase H series
Hybrid 5-axis CNC machine and 5-axis 3D printer with automatically changeable heads
– Build volume of 150 x 275 x275 mm in 5-axis mode, and larger build volumes in 4-axis and 5-axis modes
Starts at $10,000

2) Ethereal Halo
Indian made hybrid 5-axis CNC/ laser engraver
Build volume in 5-axis of 150 x 150 x 150 mm in 5-axis mode
Starting cost: $25,000

1) Desktop 5-axis maker
Was initially launched on Kickstarer and went through different series of improvements.
It was
Build volume: 400 x 400 x 400 mm

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Happy Hands says:

If it can't mill something as hard as steel , its kind of pointless

Osama Hmmad says:

Are you producing this machines
If you have a factory please let me know how to connect you or help me to connect with cnc machines trusted factory in China

Jeff Harris says:

whats the manufacturer of the cheap Chinese CNC machine?

CS Hobo says:

damn look at all these cool toys Ill never be able to afford

Mamoshi Miloni says:

Hi do you know the web address of these machines ? If so Could you please be so kind to add them. I will be Grateful if it is possible. I have tried to search for the chiness one, and as yet I could not find it here in Europe… Thank you

Betesda Misión Internacional Juan 5:6 says:

Excuse me, I use a translator

Betesda Misión Internacional Juan 5:6 says:

What is the price of milling dentures or zirconia, metals.

Betesda Misión Internacional Juan 5:6 says:

for business how to make contact is open system for use with excocad dental laboratory software

Black Water says:

5:40 "Consumer Oriented 5 Axis CNC" for a low low price of $25,000!🙄

Joseph Stokes says:

Did an adult review this video prior to release?? The music is so intrusive and distracting that we gave up. Best of luck, but this is a horrible format!!

Burt Leonard says:

What do you think of the PDJ 5-axis Pilot Pro?

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