Top 5 Best Budget CNC Machines

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CNC Machine offers seamless conversion of artworks to physical shapes and here are the Top 5 Best Budget CNC Machines that you might wanna check out.

Best Budget CNC Machines List: (Affiliate Link)

0:00 – Introduction

0:58 – 5. Bachin CNC Router Drawing Robot

2:17 – 4. FoxAlienDesktop CNC Router

3:45 – 3. Bachin DIY CNC Engraver Kits

4:58 – 2. MCWdoit 3018 Pro CNC Router Kit

6:17 – 1. SainSmart Genmitsu CNC Router
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bwbbfcb says:

The first router didn't seem to be a router.

Cole Cousins says:

no pricing. GARBAGE video. DO BETTER. this is shit. bring back the dislike counter pls!

Seth says:

I appreciate the straight forward nature of your reviews and benchmarking

“the Duckie Boys” says:

Approximate price would’ve been nice to see

Jason Smith says:

This video was preceded by a Laserpecker commercial. I found that worthy to note, publicly. 🙂

WTF BBQ says:

When you said "2500 Mega watt laser" , That's enough power to probably blow up the moon or at least cut a hole through it. If you're gonna recommend products, it's probably a good idea to know what you're talking about.

Steven M says:

this i clearly a useless video. It offers no specification comparison and what the actual pro over cons to which the CNC are being compared to . Fat thumbs down!

carlos morales says:

Do you have the tolerance specifications for these? It would be helpful.

Rob T says:

2500 mega watt?? lol
prices would be helpul

RationaleAtheist says:

So, no prices then? Thumbs down dude

Bootleg Human says:

Looked up the mcwdoit and all I'm finding is horror stories of them catching fire…. I'd stay wellllll clear of that one

duesenberryjas says:

No prices man?! lol

duesenberryjas says:

No prices man?! lol

TheOfficeTurtle says:

The Shariff DMC2 is better than these I think. It starts at 3200$ last time I looked.

Cliff Smith says:

Yall could've at least listed to msrp price

Stephen R says:

That first one is just the worst printer ever

HUGHM0N6U3 says:

Its pretty much common sense to put price tags on the products youre recommending especially with a title containing the word "budget" in it

Ben Tebrunsvelt says:

Cool movie 👍👍👍👌

Deezer Room says:

Thanks brother 👍🏻

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