TOP 5 desktop CNC machines for your workshop ▶ 2

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TOP 5 desktop CNC machines for your workshop ▶ 2

WAZER – The First Desktop Waterjet Cutter ▶

Snapmaker : The All-Metal 3D Printer ▶

Evo-One – desktop CNC Mill made for anyone! ▶

x-carve ▶

Zen Toolworks ▶

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I am interested this machine

Jeffrey Miller says:

Basically just a very long ad.

Docs propshop replicator says:

How does a small business woman afford an $8000 CNC water jet?? Know how long it would take to pay that machine off🤯🤯

WheelmanJW says:

guy at 1:55 "i build cool things" also guy at 1:55 " fuck i just drilled a hole in my hand"

3D Model Mania says:

Hi, my friends, if you need STL models, then welcome to my site with 3D STL models for CNC routers.

jacob brown says:

they all friken toys

Nanci Nancil says:
Whoever I find I want to tell me that he is a multi-use sponsor

M Circuits says:

JUST BUILD your own to understand what CNC is really was. There's so much to know, not just how to operate it. There are so many sites that offer steps on building, from frame to electronics to software.

Krishan K says:

2nd and 3rd is well

Allan Quilice says:

Maquinas como esta são o que faz os Microempreendedores, que detem 70% de empregados no Brasil, crescerem. Porem em um pais onde se taxa, tecnologia estrangeira avançada, a 60% do valor e em dolar incluindo o frete, condena o pais a não ser competitivo internacionalmente. Um tiro no propio pé. Lamentavel ver o Brasil nessa situação…Por Deus…… até Quando???????????

Zeeshan Abbasi says:

I want this machine

Johnathan Grey says:

I thought you said "ballistic industrial weapons designer." That's what it said on the caption.

G Gixxler says:

Snapmaker whats going on… This presented machine and price does not match with your shop.. Are you guys kidding us? 299$ on youtube and 799€ on shop… idiots..

Dante Russo says:


james wolf says:

1:55 the guy is practically drilling into his own hand, not smart :/

TheRhonorful says:

Yo fuck that 5 min ad xD

sneha farnichar sikosa says:

Who is prise in indian rupees

donepearce says:

God, I can't listen to Americans selling. It's like fingernails on a blackboard.

Adegboyega Kokumo says:

Hello my name is Adegboyega Kokumo
My company is AGBOSKOKS VENTURES suited at 119,Ojuelegba road,surulere,lagos Nigeria
Really interested in your cnc router engraving machine how can you ship it to me in nigeria and tell me the price
I will be expecting your reply
Thanks sir

angga setyo says:

Openbuild ox cnc just the best for me

Frank Mosch says:

Look,s pretty cool I set up/Indicated in and programmed real big MATSURA MC-2000V verticle milling/machining centers, fanuc M,G controls we we're building water cooled plastic injection molds of all different size,s also had a manual machine department Wich a also worked in the sky was the limit you could make what ever you wanted to me it wasn't a job it was like a hobby and I got paid for it, enjoyed the heck out of it I've been a machinest for around 20 years I've done all kind,s of differen,t work it,s really cool.🙂🙂…FWM…

Hameed Farista says:

Where can I find snap maker for $299.00??.

David Lumley says:

should have known that 'Awesome Tech' would be shit. 1st vid is a jet cutter and 2nd is a 3d printer…. wheres the CNC you jerks.

steve jones says:

Just fuckibg bastard adverts

detroitbluesguy says:

It's a good time to living! Make some Desktop Robots.

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