Top 5 Must Have Milwaukee Hand Tools!

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Watch this video to find out what our top 5 favourite Milwaukee hand tools are!

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Machinery Nation says:

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flip Thomas says:

I like the ratchet screw driver

Russell Lowrie says:

Will definitely be grabbing hold of the pipe wrench for future DIY projects when I can afford it. Everything else I'll be grabbing for work. These are all incredible picks.

Andre Noble says:

I see Milwaukee hand tools all over worksites in Los Angeles. I like their Shockwave bits myself.

Josh Miller says:

Milwaukee stud tape measure sucks. I love Milwaukee tools but don’t like the stud tape measure. The Stanley fat max is the best tape measure out there

Devin Barnes says:

WAIT IS HE giving away a brushed impact? lolol

White&Privileged says:

Wasted WAY too much on every MKE hand tool I could get my hands on….Sockets, ratchets, framing hammers, locking pliers, and insulated screwdrivers are the only good hand tools they have

Redd Beard says:

Got'em all with all the trimmings! 👍

Kevin Torres says:

Tell me your sponsored by Milwaukee without telling me your sponsored by Milwaukee….
”i like Milwaukee tape measures” 😂

Derek Bright says:

Bought their folding utility knife with the onboard blade storage. Best knife I've every used. I'm thinking of switching to Milwaukee cordless tools as three previous combi drills I have bought from their fellow North America n competitors have had wobbly chucks.

Andrew Da Pron says:

#1 is my favorite, as well. I bought one because the wooden handle on my other hammer, cracked. I call this one my little "Thor" hammer.

John Pierson says:

send me the impact gun

Anthony Cox says:

You definitely missed the knife with the screwdriver

Aaron Pati says:

Love it. I need all five. Bought a 1/2in hammer drill today. Lobe milwaukee

Jose Aldaco says:

What about their speed square?

Edgar Lara says:

I use a 22 oz. milled face hammer and torpedo leave from Milwaukee every day at work 👌🏽

Tucker 32 says:

I love Milwaukee tools, but don’t buy there tape measures. They have a magnet on the end so if you put them in your tool belt and you have something metal in there, it will attract. You will miss measure a lot of boards with that magnet.

kanyungu kapot says:

I love its men

ihappentolikeit says:

Wish I had that small hammer… looks basass

Scrap Metal Fryslân says:

The tape measure proved to terrible according to the testing what project farm did

ABC CDE says:

Milwaukee power tools (Fuel series) Yay! Handtools – Meh or Nay. Example: Project Farm tested tape measures. Dewalt won. But in general if there is Milwaukee hand tool you can bet there is better alternative out there. My example: Their Impact sockets are really limited in sizes but with big price. I bought gearwrench from Metric 8 – 32 that has both deep sockets in that range and short in same range. Meanwhile Milwaukee 8 – 36 in deep sockets. So more expanse with less pieces. I said to myself no thanks. However I own bunch of Powertools. Powerhouse!

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