TOP 5 POWER TOOL BRANDS IN THE WORLD! (best of the best)

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TOP 5 POWER TOOL BRANDS IN THE WORLD! (best of the best) In this video we give the #verycoolgang our top 5 list of the best power tool brands in the world today using only the best of the best tool companies and brands. Make sure to let us know your top 5 best power tool brands and companies in the comments section below. The top 5 list of power tool brands was put together regarding how many areas and different trades these companies manufacture power tools and hand tools for and how high of quality they are. Thank you for watching this TOP 5 POWER TOOL BRANDS IN THE WORLD video, I look forward to seeing your list in the comments section below!


Warre De Cock says:

1. Hilti
3. Ridgid
4. Makita
5. Bosh

Rafal Plackowski says:

In Polish " ryobi raz robi, raz nie robi" 😁

Herebeletters says:

1. Festool (The quality of the device, sound output, performance, outstanding post purchase support (3-5day repairs or new device, all Festool devices are insured, and the company will give u a new tool in case of robbery or prolonged repair time) Theres literally no competition.
2. Milwaukee / Dewalt / Mitsubishi
3. Bosh
4. Makita / Hitachi / Hikoki
5. Stanley / Panasonic /
6. Erbauer /AEG / Skill

Not sure why the fk RYOBI even got any mention on your list. For the price of one high end remote locking gps tracked Milwaukee tool you can get like half of the RYOBI company, staff included.

Gabe G says:

Team Dewalt ✊️

Chazz LePage says:

Dewalt really good, but they are 3rd to makita who #2 and milwaukee #1…no question…you are like a girl, all emotions, I love your energy but you are delusional…lol, you are fun to watch crazy guy…but delusional! Dewalts quality is not nearly as good as milwaukee or makita and they look so cheap on some of their tools, in fact Hart from Walmart has a more sturdy appearance in some cases. I like their bits and packages, price is decent, quality tools, versatility…but still #3, so the lesson here is to be able to separate emotions from logic, dont be a girl! Be a man with milwaukee or makita! Thanks!

Ryan Park says:

Just wish Lowe's sold Milwaukee

bonk says:

the audio is blowin my ear drums out😂

Mendy Neiman says:

Ryobi is one of the worst tools in the market it’s garbage!!! You wanna get the job done use Milwaukee or Dewalt

Lucas Brown says:

You cant lie, Hart has the nicest colors lol, obviously thats the most important factor

Lucas Brown says:

If I was just getting into the tool game, I'd have a hard time chosing between dewalt and milwaukee but Im already so deep in the milwaukee ecosystem theres no way im ever switching.

joytekb says:

2. Fein
3 Wiha

Tiny Assassin says:

I'm glad to hear someone finally speak highly of ryobi, it gets a lot of shit because it's on the cheaper and of power tools. I also love your attitude towards people who disagree with you

Keegan Randolph says:


Miguel Bravo says:


Abraham Andrade says:

Where's Metabo

Bhesk24 7 says:

Ryobi cool but if I see you using it I’m assuming you’re on a budget

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