Top 5 Quality Hand Tools to Invest in First!

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These 5 tools are some of my most used and hardest working parts of my tool kit. They mostly are in my pockets and bags all day every day. These are my recommendations for the first 5 tools you should consider upgrading.
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Purchased with our own money & NOT SPONSORED! Just love the product.

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Wera Ratcheting Straight Driver: (Amazon Affiliate Link)

Wera Allen Keys, BlackLaser Metric: (Amazon Affiliate Link)

Wera Allen Keys, BlackLaser Imperial: (Amazon Affiliate Link)

Wera Toolcheck Plus Imperial: (Amazon Affiliate Link)

Wera Toolcheck Plus Metric: (Amazon Affiliate Link)

Knipex Pliers Wrench 180 mm Comfort Grip (Amazon Affiliate Link)

Knipex Cobra 10” Comfort Grip Quick Adjust: (Amazon Affiliate Link)

America’s Number 1 German Tool Distributor! KC Tool
This is where you can get the Zyklop Sets etc, Amazon is iffy on which ones they have and from which sellers unfortunately.

Get your Knipex, Wera, Wiha, Stabila etc here: (KC Tool Affiliate)

Camera Gear Used On My Channel:

Sony ZV-1 Camera: (Amazon Affiliate Link)
Rode Videomic NTG Shotgun Mic Bundle: (Amazon Affiliate Link)
MannFrotto Pixie Evo Tripod: (Amazon Affiliate Link)
Rode Wireless Go System for a Lavalier or Boomed Mic
Canon M50 MK II Camera with Kit Lens: (Amazon Affiliate Link)


Aputure 120d MK2: (Amazon Affiliate Link)
Aputure Light Dome 2: (Amazon Affiliate Link)
Aputure MC RGB Light: (Amazon Affiliate Link)

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Disclaimer, all or some of the links in this description are affiliate links and we will earn a small commission if you use them.

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Millis Construction says:

Want to add a nice small versatile ratchet set? check out this video where we discuss the 1/4” drive Wera Zyklop kit! Remember to Subscribe for more awesome tool content!

Cormac says:

Man you don't pronounce the k in knipex

Ali R. says:

First time viewer. Subscribed! Excellent job – thank you!

Mike Byrne says:

If you need more torque on the TCP than the tiny screwdriver provides u cant use the ratchet…theres no top pressure. Its a toy.

Mike Byrne says:

I dont like the tool check plus. Its all too random. Only imperial or only metric. Lots of skips. This is good in theory and not as useful in practice.

Dane Miles says:

Love the channel! One question I have — is it worth having the ratcheting screwdriver, or would a standard multibit driver work instead? I have the Wera with the rapidapter already and don’t know if it’s worth the change. Thanks!

KobeHad81 says:

So this is a paid promotion with brand-new tools any reviews on these tools after they’ve been used for awhile?

Working Views says:

Thank you for the tips my friend! I got those wera keys and a veto full of knipex. I picked up some tsunoda pliers recently. Really high quality for decent prices and japanese made.

Bejohnd says:

Best tin snips?

Balo kurd says:

My 3 favorite : wera zyklop, wiha tricut, vamplier

Samuel Benton says:

I have the knipex cobras but man they just don’t do the job like my channel locks do. I was upset cause I was expecting them to be really good but I do a lot of plumbing where I tighten galvanized pipe so maybe I’m just using them wrong.

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