Top 5 Tools every Apprentice should have. Electrician UK.

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Kristian Hasund says:

Ensto pliers M8…

PlaneSIMple says:

What about a tea spoon and a kettle?

Liquid Snake says:

For me you need to include a voltage tester as well essential tool to get to know before they ever dream of messing around with anything involving electricity, i'd consider adding safety glasses and boots as well, saw someone step on a nail once in a build, wasn't pretty since then i always wear boots, rubber soles with some kind of protection from penetration from nails or any other nonsense hanging about on a site, probably kneepads and gloves would also be nice seeing as you're gonna be crawling around places a lot lol

Mateusz Ciesielski says:

No voltage indicator?

Sonny says:

Can you post the names/links to the tools in this video? Don't want to buy a dodgy brand etc

Ray Daniel says:

Lyman’s plyers

Patrick Harr says:

What brand are the pliers and hammer?

Hloy Hesit says:

Should an apprentice really need insulated tools? Should they be in a situation risky enough to warrant use of that?

Anon573 says:

You forgot the most important tool lol a pair of linesman pliers

michael rivera says:

what hammer is that

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