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TOP 5 WORST HAND TOOLS EVER MADE IN THE WORLD! (really they stink) In this video we tell the #verycoolgang what the top 5 worst hand tools ever made in the world are and who makes them! These crappy hand tools are very gimmicky and try to accomplish multiple tasks in one tool, although they have a hard time completing one task in general. Let us know down in the comments section below if you have owned any of these worst hand tools ever made and what your experience was with them.

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My grandfather bought 2 Gatorgrips off tv LOL, he was PISSED when he tried to use it, gave me 1 so I put it in my trunk, used it 1 time & threw it over a hill 30 seconds into using it

Van on the Loose says:

The multi hammers only use was on tent stakes and it didn’t do it well

Raul Ocampo says:

I'd rather have the best of the worst than the worst of the best

Dai Burt says:

Yeah it's like the complete property maintenance company and its only one guy . Sometimes there's a happy ending the water leak puts the fire out before the gas explodes 👍

ZetaN7 says:

I have a HF Pittsburgh universal wrench. But it's only metric. I used it to break loose oil drain plugs, but the the thing doesn't have a whole lot of clearance on it. Beside getting it dirt cheap at least Harbor Freight made it a six point.

Levi Pankey says:

Make a part 2. Haha. @VCG Construction

Tracey Detwiler says:

Love my Kline multiple bit screwdriver

Veteran Child says:

Dont get the hdx orange screwdriver, get the kleins 11 in 1

Bradford Nielsen says:

Dog bone socket wrenches are good for oil changes

Elite Content says:

I own the gator grip I haven’t used it for anything extreme so it still works

dannyo66 says:

Walmart still carries the Gator Grip.

One of the most gimmicky tools I've ever seen was the Craftsman locking crescent wrench. Craftsman took a locking pliers and mated it to a crescent wrench. Now the idea isn't a bad idea, it probably really locked down on the nut pretty solidly but……….definitely gimmicky. I don't think that tool made it past 2 years and I was seeing it on clearance racks.

Jose Felix says:

I always have been tempted to try the Gator grip lol just for the heck of it

Joseph Sirucka says:

so funny could not stop laughing while watching, never seen these items in australia

justin garcia says:

The gator grip is great!!!as a lineman we use it for little jobs like lights and little bolts "light use"

James Peaden says:

Man that dog bone is actually pretty decent…….. but that's how them dewalts lovers are…

Lewis Burmeister says:

Just from the title I knew Gator Grip had to be on the list. Used it once and 3 pins fell out.

Kenneth Prince says:

Jack of all trades master of none

VamFam Aquatics says:

Bro you swinging you’re hands and arms around the entire video gave me anxiety

Proudly Sig says:

Settle down spaz


Just doing home improvements and maintenance, the gator grip is great.

John Spooner says:

A simple rule to stick to is only buy branded tools from good makes , and avoid those stands that you always find in every home improvement store , you no the ones normally located near the ends of the racks , most normally have a small TV running a video under which you find a display of some called wonder tools , things like the all in one tools or the wonder broken screw remover , yes like every one I have many classic from several decades of tools , these days I stick to tried and tested products , and avoid these sorts of displays found in shops , but maybe we should start trying to find the craziest tools you find in your local stores . Great video thanks

GyRo says:

Every time I watch these videos, the enthusiasm is like watching amateur wrestling promos. I love it!

Dongguan Redneck says:

I had one of those swiss army style hammers, I live in China and a few years ago I wanted to start buying some tools. I didn't have a lot of money at that time, so I bought this "multi-tool" that seemed like a cool idea. You were right in this video, nothing worked right, I ended up having to duct tape the pliers part shut because they kept popping open every time I tried using it. I just gave it away to someone else about a month ago, he wanted to start his own tool collection here, so I gave him some of mine.

Shai Nodel says:

I tired to use a gator grip for an oil change. Just stripped the f*ck out of the bolt

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