Top Laser Engravers and Cutters to Get in 2022

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Looking to add a laser to your shop? In this video, we break down the major categories as well as my top picks.

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Diode Lasers
Aufero Laser 2 –
Aufero Laser 1 –
Sculpfun S9 –
Atomstack x20 Pro –
xTool D1 –
xTool D1 Pro –

Budget CO2 Lasers
OM Tech 40W –
OM Tech 60W –
Monport Laser –

Desktop CO2 Lasers
Gweike Cloud –
Glowforge –
Full Spectrum Muse 3D –
Makeblock Laserbox –
Flux Beamo –

High-End CO2 Lasers
Aeon Mira 5 –
Thunder –

Pro CO2 Lasers
Epilog Zing 16 –
Trotec Speedy –
Universal Laser Ultra X6000 –
20W Fiber Laser –

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Patrick Miller says:

Have you any review of the AP Laser. They are expensive compared to the machines you have had on your video. Low range starting at about $11 to 13K. What I like about them, is they are not a box in laser, so you can work on project such as gravestones or other big items.

Ajay Gautam says:

Can you die cut, engrave and score on a paper with a laser machine? I am new to this and need something for making different packaging boxes, envelopes, greeting cards and so on but after some time on YouTube now I want to buy a laser machine.

Whic Fawz says:

Can you do a review on two tree TS2 laser engraver

The Smugglers Room says:

Awesome tips and information man! Thank you so much!

castellscl says:

Have you looked at any RF metal tube lasers?


Which would engrave golf clubs the best, but still have capability to do plastic?

Kevin M says:

And again, claiming this is a complete guide and still not a single word about how long these last! Not a single feature is worth a damn if the life of the actual laser only lasts a month and dies!

Ziyad S says:

Where does boss laser, epilog and trotec fit in?

Ziyad S says:

You should cover laser heads that can be attached to existing cnc routers, like opt laser head.

Enrique Alvarado says:

I'm looking to get a diode laser to cut acrylic between 2mm to 3mm. Any suggestions?

S- Yvonne says:

The sculpfuns9 is the best performing machine I can afford! It's been almost a year since I bought it, and I love it! Thank you!!

Stacey Hastings says:

That was a very informative video. Thanks for that, because I have been wondering whether I should get one Sculpfun S9.

Patrick Mcginnis says:

Engraving DPI is hugely important. While I know 1200 DPI on a diode or fiber is doable, they are mainly marking machines (not cutting). When I compared machines, I asked specifically about DPI … they all report higher numbers than to be expected AND/or skipped around an answer … their website numbers cannot be trusted. The newer gen. machines have better motors than the 4+ yr old designs and can consistently do +800dpi, like the 2 co2 machines you mentioned. There are more economy options that can perform, and there are more DIY coolers that aren't messy nor expensive. I have a BOSS 70W and can cut/engrave basically anything I desire. but it's older and doesn't have the newer motors (so the effective DPI is about 1/2 of the newer machines with the smallest focal lens), but it can be upgraded. If it's a hobby, speed isn't as important … precision is. i would never spend less than $3k on any laser, period. People ask when i give them stuff i make: " You did what?" i say:"yes, I'm a Jedi, I cut stuff with light". Diodes imo don't count. I've used over 36 types of materials .. and my co2 hasn't failed me yet.

3PLASERS - EM-Smart Official Shop says:

Hope to see a comparison video of EM-Smart laser and X-tool 😀

MrNiceGuy says:

Great Video! Kind of off topic question, but who does your editing? It is awesome!!!

Taittiana Tafoya says:

I want to buy a laser cutter. I want to be able to cut acrylic atleats through a 5mm. I do not have much space. Which would you suggest? I do not have apple I am a android girl.

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