Torture Testing Cheap vs Expensive Dremel Tools

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We’re testing “Dremel tools” today, aka variable speed rotary tools. Can the cheap hardware store alternative keep up with the name brand Dremel? Today we find out.

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Donut Media says:

What tool should we do next?

BeyondWrittenWords says:

Cheapo WINS!

William B says:

Timed challenged like cutting off the bolts, time should only count while actively using the tool, NOT while transitioning between bolts or changing the wheels. All 3 should have finished all the bolts

Fxck Itz Ghxst says:

High low season 3 idea 2 daily driver that you can take to the drag strip

M C says:

This video is sponsored by Dremel.

lizard says:

why does Zach look like Link in the thumbnail lol

lemayo says:

the switch on the dremels always fails after a year or so

D K says:

The harbor freight didnt fall on its shaft…

David Cole says:

Frankly, there is a case for having both Dremel and the 22$ model, then you will have the dremel for ever whilst the cheaper one will do the crappiest jobs and still last for 5 years.

BabyElephant says:

I can do all of this shït with a angle grinder and some sand paper

Steven Taylor says:

The drop test was not done well it should have been way more controlled.

yourhawtshyt says:

I dont think the last bolt cutting testing was really accurate, it be more accurate if u had started cutting from one side n did different spots to see how far through in 5 minutes ud get with each tool

TheSpoonKing says:

That drop test was terrible. The trash tool landed on the bit, which bent and absorbed a significant amount of the impact, whereas both the other tools landed squarely on the motor housing, likely dislocating the bearings and causing the motors to spin out of alignment.

ce neblock says:

I have the Chicago Electric one and I enjoy it.

I have bogged it down a bit when cutting metal, but it's really hard to beat the price.

Trout fishman jr says:

I bought a cheap one for light wood carving works great I couldn’t justify 100 bucks for a Dremel for as much as I use it

Ted Gunderson says:

Dremel is a ripoff, keep your receipts if you plan on doing a real job with one you can count on it failing usually.

AlwaysWrenchin says:

Dude that car straight took off

Angry Pepper shaker says:

Gee, if only Dremel had a manual that told you recommended speed settings for various materials. If you’re using it on 35K chances are it’ll chew blades and burn the wood piece rather than cut nicely.

Kaz Yoshi says:

I got a Dremel when I came to the US 20+yrs ago. Have gone to Japan, then back to the US. Only changed the brush parts. Just got a new model one just because it comes with fancier case😅 making the old one to plunger drill stand dedicated one. I love that toy

Logic Gates says:

Had the speed control go iut on a harbor freight rotary tool with a wood bit in it. It almost took my finger off. It shook so bad the torque actually bent the shank of the bit.

After that, I went and bought a dremell

Anthony Marshall says:

This is all about the bits, not the tools ffs.

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