Triple-Piston Pneumatic Circular Saw [Restoration]

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This restoration is on a 1920s Model B12 “Safety Saw” pneumatic circular saw made by the Ingersoll-Rand Co.. The “Safety Saw” name was in reference to the patented design of the retractable blade guard, one of the first of its kind. This saw runs off of a triple-piston “Little David” motor that Ingersoll-Rand seemed to use in a number of their larger pneumatic tools.

Unfortunately, I could not find any mention of this saw in the literature and therefore it is only an educated guess on how much compressed air this saw need to run.

The saw had many previous repairs that all needed some new attention. The main issue with this item was the completely seized throttle valve and the extra crusty and old grease that had hardened over time.

Once cleaned of grease, repaired, and reassembled the saw would idle when I applied a bit of compressed air from my air compressor which can only put out 90 psi @ 20cfm. The idling is either due to the low flow of air not providing enough force on some valve to completely seal it, or there is a leak somewhere within the saw. Either way, I decided not to fix that issue because an idling pneumatic circular saw sounds AMAZING and I could listen to it all day.

Despite the reduced air flow, the saw still cut just fine and definitely had tons of torque. I’ll be sure to use this next time I need to cut a thick wood beam with the most ironically named tool I’ve restored.

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Hand Tool Rescue says:

I launched a new perfect handle smaller screwdriver for sale on the website. Some might even say it's an actual usable size this time….

Jonathan Sauder AKA "Angry.battlefielder" says:

Lmao @ all the people saying that this thing is scary. This thing doesn't even rank in the top 5 " frightening 100 year old giant spinning blade" tools that he's refurbished. Id rank the giant electrical swing saw and the drag saw as tied for the scariest tools featured on this channel.

Rc addict says:

You might know this already but wax on your flat hand planer will help it slide better 😉

Dave Pryor says:

I have the CC's on and I am hooting and hollering. I love you, man. Good, good stuff.

kolxoznik says:

What times the air to cylinders?

dl200010 says:

Looks like the valve in the handle may not be up to snuff.

Pedro Ibañez says:

must be good for cutting metal

xBenedictumx says:

army technical manual 5-4004 is for a sawzall that used the same engine patented by IR. if you can find a copy of the tm you should have the info you need.

DAT Blue Husky says:

you need to get yourself a parts cleaner eh

min bannister says:

I wonder what the "Danger saw: looks like?

Mary Keesling says:

This was extremely fun to watch … especially the yummy forbidden Nutella and the "what sorcery is this?" 😂😂 But seriously it's very cool to see all the work, and how it runs so well and looks so shiny and new when done!

James Wilson says:

I love these lightweight tools 😂

heroe del whisky says:

Que maquinon! 👌🏻👍🏻

Mark Lammas says:

Well well… you welded well… I'm a "Tubular Bells" fan (Mike Oldfield). I presume your forthcoming album will be called "Circular Saw"😉

Florin Cochintu says:

My handsaw has more torque….

Jon Silva says:

Does this have saw stop AIM safety feature?

semen semen says:

Круто, вперше бачу таку пилу

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