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Here is my quick first hand look of my sheet metal installer tool belt with my tools and a brief description what they’re used for. Will do a on going series to show the use of each tool called apprentice series tricks and tips of the trade. Gonna try to make it a weekly video. Thanks for watching!


suli Ammar says:

what are the duct knife used for?

Trill Flaco says:

i try and carry only what im using that day because i hate heavy tool belts

Ryan boombie says:

Man when did you make this video ? Was I in the casino or didn’t come to that job yet ? Ahah

Brandon Trinidad says:

Thank you for posting these videos and spreading the knowledge. I'm just getting into the trade and am avidly looking for any online resources I can find to bolster my knowledge. Thanks again and keep them coming. 🙂

Rusty 1999 says:

What do you use the C clamp for?


beast mode more videos you gotta share your awesomeness with the world 👍👍

Plumbjitsu says:

When are you doing the apprentice video

Plumbjitsu says:

What size drift pin is recommended

yamet garcia says:

Cali crimp baby. Works every time

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