Useful homemade tools | amazingly DIY great tool | Genius idea

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Useful homemade tools | amazingly DIY great tool

Welcome To My Channel (Be Creative) in our workshop you can find many things related to metalworking and woodworking like:-

Woodworking tool hand tool DIY tool lifehack homemade tools Genius idea metal works experiment DIY idea inventions etc
Our Video is made who are not able to buy tools you can try to make by yourself only if you are experienced and know how to use the hand tools.
But the videos which are experimental are only for entertainment and educational purpose only.
So don’t try this in your home.
And if you’re trying to make any of the tools make sure to wear safety gear and it will be at your own risk.

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rajesh dixena says:

Only Engle shikha riya hai

Bed video

Richard Contreras says:

Y ya estableció cuánto tolera las piezas para no desprender los tornillos que lo sujeta

Salvatore Lunatti says:

Esas herramientas las venden en muchos lugares. Y son baratas. Buen entretenimiento pero muy inútil. Ve y compra la herramienta que necesites.

julio moises gallegos preciado says:


Rene Velis says:

Hola buen día Dios te bendiga cuidate mucho este vídeo lo dedico a mis tíos gracias por todo lo que me enseñaron nunca se los podré agradeser tanto en espesial a mi padrino Ramiro Colque 🤗🙂🖒

كثير الطيب says:

Bravo 👏 برافوووو

Артур Иксанов says:

500 полуляхов из 250!!! Знающие поймут, а незнающие будут это повторять у себя в гаражах.

imagen imperio says:

Just a little recomendation, the first tool, the idraulic press is very dangerous stack a lot small parts, it is better use big blocks or other kind of pices, the smalls could jump to your face, and you can lose an eye, this is not a joke, its very common, perhaps add a kind of protection to avoid this is a good idea.

old term says:

where is the tool made from chain?

Chi Chi Douglas says:

The only reason I watched this video was to see what the chain link with wingnuts was and it's not in the video. Click bait = douchebagery

Chi Chi Douglas says:

I needed a pistol grip clamp. So I made one out of a new caulking gun that cost more than the clamp would've and took more time to make than it would've to go buy one, and now I have to buy a new caulking gun. Makes perfect sense

Jose Gregorio Vivas Guillen says:

Exelente buenas ideas 👍

Ali Ahmad says:

Homemade where the home has a workshop

timothy mercer says:

That or you could go buy a date arbor press from the second hand shop for $50.00… just sayin…

00bean00 says:

Not included: taps and dies, countersinking, press

TMK says:

bro needs a welder damb

Dave Ellis says:

How do you mean good ideas

Mike Sahle says:


Максим Остроущенко says:

Хорошая идея домкрат использовать.
Сразу подумал можно сделать пресс для яблочного сока.


Amazing sir tutorial nya.🙏 Terima kasi sudah mau berbgi ilmunya 🤝🇮🇩 indonesia

emacmar says:

It's fantastic!! To make any invention of those shown here, you "only" need to have a workshop provided with: column drill, welding equipment, grinder with various discs, hand drill with many accessories, and a large assortment of material such as iron of all sizes, screws, nuts… Oh, and a hydraulic jack, preferably red. That's not counting working hours, spending on electricity and other services. Do you call this useful homemade?🙄

emacmar says:

Es fantástico!! Para hacer cualquier invento de los que se muestran aquí, "sólo" necesitas tener un taller provisto de: taladro de columna, equipo de soldar, amoladora con discos varios, taladro de mano con muchos accesorios, y un gran surtido de material como hierro de todas las medidas, tornillos, tuercas… Ah!, y un gato hidráulico, preferiblemente de color rojo. Eso sin contar las horas de trabajo, el gasto en electricidad y demás servicios. A esto le llaman useful homemade?🙄

c120flyer says:

I wish I had access to all the metal that this fellow has. Oh, and access to all the creativity, too!

Lito Del Mundo says:

paano ayosin ang kadina na naliko

use now desi jugad says:

Nice brother from #usenowdesijugad

Anjing Edan says:

wow…its very good tutorial and cool tools….😁👍

Learn says:

Gjb .Dimag . Gjb Sfai .Gab Majbuti . Wonderful Wonderful.

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