Vacuum Lifter for sheet metal handling, wood handling,Plastic and glass handling

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Unijet Pneumatics Pvt. Ltd caters smart solutions to various industries with top-grade Pneumatic and Vacuum products for Various sectors. Having been in the industry since 1993, we house a well-experienced R&D team to deliver highly customized, effective solutions based on our customers’ needs.

The UNIJET Vacuolift is available as standard for loads 150,300,500 and 750 kg. We can adapt the cross beam to meet your needs with a variety of accessories.

 Sheet metal processing and sheet metal cutting
 Metalworking and metal cutting
 Wood processing and woodcutting
 Loading of laser cutting machines
 Feeding of water cutting machines
 Loading of CNC machines
 Rearrangement of transported goods
 Transport of airtight sheet material such as glass, plastic, metal sheets, wood, composite sheets, etc.
 Loading and unloading of pallets, storage racks, etc.


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