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VIP Tour of the Greatest and Most Popular CNC Machine Shop in the World. Titan Discusses The Secret To His Shops Success!

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Srsly Brah says:

Where's HAAS?

alejandro rodriguez says:

Tremendo taller , gracias por compartirlo con nosotros , eres realmente inspirador.

Gnutti says:

how come car recovering videos have more views than this ones?!…got to love the precision and how clean is everything!

Aberjay Lopdollar says:

I love your video's. Your machines use huge amounts of electricity … what are your thoughts about the greenie weenies trying to force solar and wind power, which is weak, unreliable, and causes more pollution than they can displace. The manufacture of solar panels, and wind generator turbines in China, has caused harm to the environment that is catastrophic.

fefelikis says:

Congratulations from France . Your work and your team is so crazy!!!. I also work on cnc for more than 10 years. I did all my studies in it . I love this job .is so crazy good continuation boooooom 😉😉😉

Austin Buring says:

Its cool to see this.
I'm a tool maker in aerospace, and work with a lot of machinists in close proximity.
Most of those guys are button pushers. They don't set anything up beyond in the same thing over and over. They don't monitor things except to see when it crashes and change the tool. They load a program and push the button. If it crashes they hit the stop.
They don't do the real machining you guys do. And they don't have any of the passion you and your team have.

唐揚真 says:

Sweet of Sweet ;
Nice job of the best in to the best
Good work.

doubleslayer 03 says:

I would love the chance to get in the heads of your guys. I worked 25 years as a glorified button pusher. The last 4 and a half years I’ve been writing my own programs and trying to make things work harder and faster. I made the change of 25 years at a huge company that only wanted cheap labor to a smaller company that wants you to learn and change things to make profit. I love machining, and I love being pushed to learn and make things better.

Thomas Martin says:

I like the information you gave. I work in the trucking industry. I would like to get the company I work for in the doors with you for delivering products in and out for you.

Mapsi says:

After Tyson saved trevors life" Tyson HAD TO HIRE HIM! just because he can always hold that over him hahaha

vinay p says:

Hi guys can you just elaborate more about 3d printing machine and its technology
I am planning to add it to my machine shop in near future

ted toth says:

Titan, great video. I have been in the industry for 48 years and a supporter of "Woman in Manufacturing". Would like to see some woman in your organization…. Woman make great machinist too.

Mateusz N says:

Hello, anyone know what type of dashboard plastic is on the table? And where can you buy this?

Ken Purcell says:

So happy you made your way to Texas, even prouder that you are in my backyard of Flower Mound. Blew my mind that this guy on YouTube I was watching every week was moving here from California. And everything since you have completely crushed it!


AND for some reason I thought you were in California………. TEXAS, if I were younger, would be my first choice of places to live… NO Fruit Nazi's there😁.

Cameron Ross says:

After a recent career change to cnc machining it’s amazing to see to cream of the crop of this industry. I have a long way to go to get to this level but I’m excited to learn about this industry from Titan!

Felix Cat says:

Simply put, you are an extraordinarily focused visionary within this industry!

Your commitment, dedication, investment and proposals are utterly outstanding and unique!

I'm in awe at what you're doing and how you're inspiring those already in, and those thinking of entering the industry!

Your training modules set standards never before thought possible.

This is something really quite exceptional that's happening right now, and it keeps on getting better…

Jose Aguilar says:

I would absolutely love an opportunity to be taught by Barry, Tyson, and Trevor. They are all masters at their work, and it would've be humbling to learn all of their fundamental principles pertaining to their art. Truly an amazing team. Your team work makes the dream work!

Alex Fox says:

Gcode needs a major update for ease of use!

Aidan says:

I'm an Esprit programmer for NOV and God has been so good to me and my family this past year. He called me to Texas where I met my wife, I dropped out of college where I was studying engineering, and went back to my roots programming CNC. I am so happy to hear Titan say he woke up with a word from God to move to Texas and that through his trust and faith he now has this incredible shop right here in Flowermound. This story inspires me to keep trusting, keep believing in my calling, and continuing to care about excellence and improving my skills as a programmer.

Alfredo Mora says:

Awsome videos and machines and incedible work

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