Warhaus – Machinery (Official Video)

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‘Machinery’ is available for download or streaming via http://found.ee/warhaustore

‘Machinery’ is taken from Warhaus’ 2016 album ‘We F***ed a Flame into Being’

Director – Willy Vanderperre
DOP – Benjamin Loeb
Styling – Charlotte Arts
Hair Stylist – Anthony Turner
Make-Up Artist – Sophie Van Bouwel
Production – Mindbox
Set Design – Tanker
Editing – Offline
Post Production – Flow

Cast – Maarten Devoldere, Sylvie Kreusch, Jasper Maekelberg

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Jo Islands says:

Sure thing that nobody can beat stupidity. no worries it was always like that. Some of your songs beating with my heart so its impossible not to leave a message. Congratulations! Love!

Rushan_G says:


Herowingss says:

reminds me of amy song , you know i’m no good

matilda3008 says:

here again. <3

Sem сай says:


Cezary Kaczmarek says:


Kuczekk says:

jakie piekne

A A says:

Discovered Warhaus through his former group, Balthazar, which has equally good masterpieces. Makes me think of Timber Timbre, Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave – but has his own unique style. LOVE IT!

sude says:

bir tamino bir de sen… kurban olurum

alaycı says:

Bu adam manyak!!!!

Özlem Ballı says:

this song puts me in a different mood

Giulia Campagnari says:


Kris Brasseur says:

This man kept me going in the hardest of times I've had these months

Ozgur Calli says:

Sylvia is just like an episode of "this is your brain on cocaine"

Meyra Kesim says:

Bi' şey var bu adamın sesinde ya

Berçem Erçin says:

This is how my soul sounds like.

102335 TM says:

Dünyanın en iyi şarkısı

Alexandra Wimmer says:

try not to fall into the trap of imitating … yourself … .

Othmane Ahmar lahya says:

Machinery Lyrics
Track "Warhaus"
on Bandsintown
I offered before what i'm offering again
I don't claim to know why
I should change a thing
I don't claim to be sober
I don't claim to be right
I don't claim to be anything
Except yours to consume tonight

And now the machinery won't let you go
And now the machinery won't let you go

Divide yourself up to valium and …
Divide yourself up to the sober and the drunk
Divide yourself up to the old and the new
Divide yourself up to beauty and the truth

And now the machinery won't let you go
And now the machinery won't let you go

Miranda Wu says:

Słodko 🧁

sticks spider says:


Jan Škuta says:

Hlava Medúzy 8/8 CZ

m gil says:

Quelle beauté cette chanson !

Emir Çelik says:

bu şarkıyı bulduğuma sevindim

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