WATCH THIS before you buy a CNC machine for 3D carving! (Updated)

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Stumpy Nubs says:

READ BEFORE COMMENTING: A few people seem to listen to only part of the video, and then they run right to the comment section to tell me "any machine can cut 3D with the right software!" YES, that's what the video says! This video is about the need to find the right software if your machine won't do what you want it to do. I am NOT saying you have to get a whole new machine! I said I got a new one, but I ALSO said I had to upgrade the software on it to carve in 3D. Buy the machine you want. If it does everything you want, great. If not, you may still be able to do it if you find different software. It's all in the video…

Grant Skelton says:

I’m wanting to get started in this but have absolutely no idea where to start…

Dr. Ken Schmidt says:

I'll stick to my carving chisels, mallet, patience, and imagination.

Mike Finley says:

With the knowledge and experience you have gained over time maybe you can provide some insight. Any reply appreciated. What CNC router / carver and software would be sufficient to produce guitar and banjo necks for a start up business? Maybe it's cheaper to just get a tool path for items in a data form I can hand to a business with the equipment they can plug into Thier computer and go???

Randy Simi says:

What machine are you using, software…

Barry Roe says:

You describe that you are doing 3d, but a simple 3 axis machine does not do 3d. what you are doing is 2.5 dimensional. Your machine has no ability to cut the side of your material laying flat to the tables deck with out removing it and placing the bottom side up on another separate operation, a 3d profiler does not require the material to be moved in order to cut every side. You need a machine with 4 axis or more such as a profiler machine to do true 3 dimensional. Such like a machine that produce prosthetics are an example and usually have 5 or more axis. 2 dimensional machines are types that would work in the same fashion as a plasma or plotter, concentrating on only flat work.

Michael Jakus says:

My boss just bought a CNC machine that the company just came out with. Their software is the worst I have ever seen. $30,000 doller CNC machine with $2 software on it. The software always freezes and gives a code that I have to call in becouse it dosn't even have a help section to look up codes. When I ask about no help button in the software they just tell me its coming SOON, famous last words. You are spot on about having good software as I spend many hrs. fighting this CNC machine to produce product. The machine itself is very well built but that does not get the job done. The worst part about it is I think my Boss thinks I don't know what I am doing.

W.P. Ginfo says:

Now all we need is more info…! WHICH software & bits will do the job?! I am sure you could give SOME examples?

James C says:

I always love your videos and tutorials… so what made you choose a Shark CNC Machine over everything else on the Market.

Dann M says:

OK, you do this for a living. What machine would you recommend?

Bob Bond says:

What type of machine you using here ? Model

Mike Hunt says:

The software cost more than the machine

Allan Brallan says:

What Is the best, I mean absolutely best software for 3D carving? I use Autocad Is there any better outthere?

Karl Joseph Fakura says:

How much for that machine

HD L says:

Old Video, but still true and nice to see.

commentor says:

I was wondering the meaning of a clock behind a pants zipper and just then he said "it time for me to go".. so now I'm guessing the clock is a reminder to go take a leak once in a while.

Robert Jackson says:

Gross looking clock

The Token Farmer says:

Thank you very much for the great video. What exact machine and software are you using in the video? Would you upgrade to another, if so why. Thanks again 😁

Lilo Ukulele says:

Very informational!…More education!…Just finished my Fusion 360 class…looking for a machine. I am looking for a machine for headstock and neck MoP inlay, so my scale is very small. I am looking @ 3018 as a first machine..any recommendations?????

Eddie Wright says:

I need some help in deciding what cnc machine would best for what I would like to do. I know you spoke of the software and along with that I want make signs and wavy American flags which would be 36in length by 24in being nee to this I want durability but also the ability to grow with the machine please advise on what would work best but have great software.

mpkunz6336 says:

I have a decent CNC laser, a Bob's CNC Router, and now I would like a CNC lathe. The first two were easy to find. The CNC lathe has not been easy to track down.

art mckay says:

Thank you! 🙂

MarcosElMalo2 says:

Thanks for explaining 3D vs 2.5D in the CNC context. I was vaguely aware of the concept without the name.

30 years ago, a friend was working in a set construction shop and she invited me to come see the latest machine they acquired. It was a CNC panel router they had acquired for a specific movie production. They needed to make temple walls with carved out text (bas relief I think was the word used) but they were using forced perspective to make the temple set look bigger than it really was. It was described to me as being a giant printer with a router as the print head. I remember they were using Adobe illustrator to distort the postscript text. They hired a programmer to write the bridge software between illustrator and the CNC software. There was a lot of finishing by hand, but the panel router saved a lot of time and the movie had a pretty big budget. Hitting deadlines was critical. Iirc, the cost was in the tens of thousands—north of 50k.

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