Watch This Before You Buy A Desktop CNC Router

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Start here if you’re looking at purchasing a desktop CNC router. This 8-minute video will save you hours of headache.

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Paul Sylvester says:

A suggestion for your videos. Many of us watch videos on our TV sets. We get engrossed by the video and then the video is over…. But we did not get a chance to like the video! And it is a pain to go back. Add a short theme song or standard video fragment so we have time to quickly like the video. Keep up the good work!

David Kane says:

You are a gifted teacher. I am inspired by your journey from newbie to competent expert, as outlined in your videos. I like your solid realistic approach and the way you manage expectations. CAD/CAM is a fascinating area and I look forward to learning more from you. Thanks again.

David E says:

Greetings from Australia – a great video. I downloaded your free guide where you recommend 1/4" Downcut Bit. However in the video you recommend 1/4" Upcut. Could you please clarify.

18magicMARKer says:

i disagree…picking a hard project and getting defeated is how you learn…

Gewehr2180 says:

I will say that I had a Vevor ( Chinese Made) 6040 CNC router I bought used with very very low mileage on it. Previous to this I had a Vevor 3040 CNC router. I don't use this for a business but as a hobby toy to play with. I will say I do not cut anything super hard. Wood and plastics and foams. I had a small issue when I first got it that one of the drivers on the board was not working. The guy I bought it from had the company supply another new board under warranty. He was trying to machine aluminum in a fast process. These machines will not do alum fast. My budget was basically $1000. I was able to sell the previous for $400. Paid $650 for a month old 6040 4 axis CNC router with a 0.8kw water cooled spindle. Screaming deal I know! Does what I need it to do without any issue. If I was to need another board it's super easy to find on Ebay and a whopping $50. All the boards are replaceable and found easily enough. If you use the machine within it's limits you won't have any issues. Even my previous machine was completely reliable. There is no way I could justify a $3K budget for something i don't even know that I will be into. Must be nice to have that disposable income. Now am I saying that a Chinese machine is better than a $3K+ machine? Hell no! But for a test machine that WILL last you if used within reason it's a great place to start. Skip over the stupid little machines that are basically useless and start with a nice machine at a reasonable budget. IDK about the resale market where you are at but in Colorado I can resell one of these machines in a matter of a few days. There is enough interest from people around here that a REASONABLEY priced machine will sell. Everything takes some sort of a hit. Oh and stay the hell away from those Bobs CNC machines. IDK how you can expect a machine that was laser cut out of plywood is gonna have better accuracy than a metal machine of any make.

Byte Me says:

Solid advice.

Beto Sousa says:

Great video.

MarDav says:

This is the most honest and helpful video that I've seen, so far, on YouTube. Anybody even thinking about a CNC should watch this one.

Frank Frank says:

Thank you for your time and great explanation.

Terry Brockhoff says:

I bought my Probotix CNC 5 years ago now and I use it most weekends. I use V-Carve Pro and find it so user friendly.
I then bought a laser to compliment it and now making some money, not a lot but I love the CNC…..

Fareed Khan says:

Im watching this video when I can't even afford to buy one 😟😟

Daniel Reynolds says:

Great video man!!

Tymzr Achangin says:

Well, wood is not so forgiving when we look at how costly its become over the last few years and especially after covid

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