Welding Plate & Sheet Metal – Fabrication Series: 10

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We’ve covered a lot of information in the last 9 episodes of our Fabrication Series and episode 10 is no different.

When building a chassis, a large portion of time is spent working with tabs, plate and sheet metal. This episode will share a number of techniques and tips for getting the most out of your effort when working with these.

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Michael Guziak says:

Tim seems Cool.. Never met Him.. Really like His YouTube Series..!!

Michael Guziak says:

*I stopped by Tim's shop years ago. He was in Australia.. Nice Place.. Very close to His old job too..

Michael Guziak says:

》》 Around 16:00 time stamp. Tim says I am going to weld this Hot, etc… So I was Thinking.. He might have some issues making it look shitty… Tim welds. Stops. He then says I had trouble making it look shifty.. Just what I said..
When Your Really Good at something. It is hard to do a bad job. *As
An – AVIONICS Machinist I machine parts in ( + / — ) .00050 tolerances. Which is 50 Millionths of an inch… Which is 1/2 of A Tenth… Also 20 — 30 Milionths.. So it is like 1/4 – 1/3 and then the 1/2 of a Tenth of a thousandth… Sorry this was so long..

Thumpernats says:

I'm not sure I could trust the auto-dimming helmets?

Ron Hodgkinson says:

crater is called a fish eye. I do enjoy the videos and craftsmanship. It shows that pride is as important as function

Sheet metal fabrication / CNC machining / Stamping says:

Good work! Nice strong welding. We also have rich experience in sheet metal fabrication, welding service, custom metal enclosure and cnc machining. we are a strong manufacturer in China, with high quality and competitive price.

Judson Cook says:

LOVE THESE VIDEOS!!!! Thank you for looking after the DIY guys! When welding tubes/tabs that are properly fit, is any cup manipulation necessary? I assume not, but i have never tig welded small and thin material.

Mike G says:

Dam it Tim….stopped in for one video and still here two hours later….lol. Great stuff!!

Mike G says:

What is that plastic wrap you use to protect the tubing/painted ares etc?

David Droescher says:

17:11 its gray from pulling up base materal due to being too hot/toolittle wire.

Why don't my welds with no rod look like this.

Greg bagwell says:

Tim if your welding.058 wall tubing what amps would you recommend

phillmellina says:

awesome video series.. Thanks for sharing the tips, tricks and secrets!

Mike Eagle says:

That’s a lot of post flo

F Bombfab says:

Been loving these videos. Im more into off road but i love all metal fabrication.

c103110a says:

Thanks Tim. You are a great teacher.

Sanjay Sami says:

This is what a professional looks like ! Fantastic series !

mindciller says:

Is there a minimum weight limit? If not any additional fancy crap just adds weight

justayoutuba says:

the bevel ive never done before an its always annoyed me with the fill time ..thanks for the tip …would love to spend an couple of months with you

Tim Bruce says:

Very helpful series, and great delivery.

T says:

Real welders are named Tim. Great videos and thanks for the excellent tips!

Patrick Dubois says:

floor pan: would you weld the scalloped flange before the top/flat sheetmetal?

Matthew Scott says:

Great tips. Keep it up!

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