What Can a $500 CNC Do? Genmitsu 3020 Pro Max

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The 3018 is one of the most popular desktop CNC mills. We check out its upgraded brother the Genmitsu 3020 Pro Max to see if it’s worth the extra $$.

**Note: I keep calling it 3050 instead of 3020 in the review, sorry about that! We’ve got a new baby at home and I was sleep deprived 😉

Genmitsu 3020 – https://geni.us/3020-pro-max
Genmitsu 3018 – https://geni.us/3018-cnc
Inventables Easel – https://geni.us/nRed

00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:54 – Frame
00:01:28 – Motors and Movement
00:02:51 – Spindle
00:03:45 – Power
00:04:12 – Work Area
00:05:36 – Limit Switches
00:06:19 – Control Board
00:07:41 – Software
00:08:34 – Cutting Tests
00:11:18 – Worth the price?

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Dani Va says:

It is not aluminum. It is ALUMINiUM!
Just read it!

Charles Bauer says:

Get a shorter cutter for aluminum

Joey Bag O'Donuts says:

i like the rats nest of wiring…..very DIY

alien brain says:

where is the fucking date on this video

Dad's RC Workbench says:

Great review! I am assuming it could mill HDPE or UHMW?

Diesel Ramcharger says:

pretty sure the Z axis is built upside down. The bit should stop about an inch above the table… to allow for workholding etc.

jimmi henry says:

$500 they could include 3 ball screws to round the package up. The ACME lead screw has play and the anti back lash screw does not compensate well. You
can do isolation milling to produce some PCB's, engraving turns out fine. But milling at a standard cutting performance? Not sure about that… NEMAs got bigger
but still the drivers are step sticks and so on… NEMA23 would be nice but than you need better driver and at the end a more rigid machine so…. Better get get
a 3018 both are CNC toys not much more (I bought my 3018 with injection moulded plastic parts for 140$ that was 2019 -2020 ish)

Tiffanny Stipe says:

Could this carve cold rolled steel for stamp and impression plate making?

CL says:

You shouldn’t lose Z axis height with a spoil board if you simply lift the spindle higher and tighten it.

BustersCNCchannel says:

sigh, could you have stuck the mill bit a little bit further out? FCOL

Mike Willis says:

It's a pity it isn't $500 for us in the UK. It is £540 (That's $660) and then plus 20% tax on top. That's nearly $800. Not the bargain it seems.

adrian harrison says:

for some more Z height I bolted some 2040 onto the top of the side aluminum extrushion and to be honest that looks like this is all this little cnc needs, for the price I do think it is a really good hobby machine..

JarppaGuru says:

10:56 yes thats why i build 10 years ago spindle and z (2x)axis sandwiches TWO Y axis.. still no one do it.
9 year ago it was upgraded 4 axis. yes spindle rotate allmost 220 degrees LOL i cut part 3 faces same time even can drill and mill angled holes. yes it mean i needed make controller there was no backthen lol
i mean controll software

JarppaGuru says:

5:20 M8 max linear rods are 12mm(im sure lol) they allways are …still

JarppaGuru says:

1:32 still lame acme and y z axis linear rods. next year full price 600buck upgrade get same linear blocks than x lol. ball skews and linear rails for all axis not cost 500. this machine make so much profit using still rods and acme(spring loaded backlash) still no 2 way nut and slots to adjust make it tight as you want no backlash no spring LOL or same money ballskrew

moosifulman says:

M16 threaded holes lol.

Roman says:


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