What can you do with a woodworking router?

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Improve your skill and knowledge of routing from award-winning UK woodworker, author and creative routing expert Jeremy Broun. He reveals the magic of the incredible router. The ‘Three Routing Titles’ DVDs are currently available as downloads as well as his updated hardback book ‘The Incredible Router’ at https://www.woodomain.com/online-store. Also a unique unique range of Plans Plus video integrated e-books and a hardback revised edition of the bestselling pioneer book ‘The Incredible Router’. If you like my interpetations of Gary Moore, here are some more on my Jez Broun Ecoustic guitar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hzoc2iahZpU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2kijAfGY9U

Recommended cutters are by Trend: https://www.trend-uk.com/.



Virtually a useless tool, guitarist skills less than average 12 year old- lol oh well at least you think your cool

Woodomain - Jeremy Broun says:

I would just like to comment on the surprising number of nice comments made about my guitar playing on the video. I occasionally play this same backing track to my guitar when I busk on the streets of my home city in England and never get the same response! It was by accident that the music fits the routing images! For anyone inspired as I am by the late great Gary Moore here is his classic 'Parisienne Walkways' (62 million views) which has the same chord progression as my interpretation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkUpfw4Hf3w

Kalam Campbell says:

Just found this today and learned so much already..

missodessa says:

This video was so helpful. Had no clue you could do all of this with a router. Now the ideas will be endless!

Joss Ackland's Spunky Backpack says:

if used incorrectly you can use a router to bake muffins

Jordan JD Peterson says:

Love the music.

Sample 0 says:

Oh my days, i love gary moore

MagnusE says:

Amazing music. Be well, sir! I made a box last week and I was thinking to ask a friend who is guitar luthier if I'm ready to make a guitar… (joking ofc) hahah

Dennis Meulensteen says:

Great video! Awesome music too.

Ivan Nightingale says:

Simply Awesome uses of a router on display and I'm your newest fan. May God continue to bless you sir.

tonsfocus says:

Absolutely spot on for a dazzling intro to "what is a router?" and the music made me smile all the way through… cheers, good sir!

Homemade Business Ideas says:

Very good, congratulations. I learned a lot from you.

smyrnianlink says:

Perfect surprising end ..

Republicrat Democran says:

Remind me of the growlers. Give em a listen, they're great.

Republicrat Democran says:

That beachy guitar twang In the background is sick!

RobLewis.org says:

Wow I watched the video thinking “like the video but what a good choice in music!” Honestly it might have helped me fall in love with the idea of getting a router! Well done

N8oR says:

Dude! This video was awesome. Thank you for the info and great music.

Dwayne Casey says:

Thank you.. I am adding a Dewalt cordless to my tool collection.

MR V says:

Talented dude.

Haze Juliana says:

Perfect. So easy to understand and the music helps you concentrate coz there's no continuous talking.

Socratis says:

Watched this again – love the music.

Eun Je Seong says:

This vid and the music bring me back to the old days

Web Surfer says:

By far the most valuable woodworking tool ever imo.

Chris Arthur says:

This is satisfying

Fire Starter says:

Excellent. Thank you for sharing. Sending lots of light. Regards Lee

Spartacus says:

Very nice ! Thanks.

Milan Jose Jose says:

I like to know more.

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