What is a Heat Pump?

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http://www.crewcuttv.com/ In this video from the Carrier Consumer Education Video Series, Larry Hacker & Stuart Keith explain how a heat pump works to heat and cool a home.
For more videos; http://www.tsicarriertv.com/
For a Carrier Dealer Near You: http://www.carrier.com/homecomfort/en/us/

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Randy Torboli says:

How efficient would a heat pump that is a package unit be versus a split system version

kebman says:

Well that was a pretty lame explanation. Does he even know what is really going on?

FAT LOLO says:

So ,, will a heat pump work for me hear in Southern Arizona where we see 118 average in the summer??

You Tube says:

HOW are you extracting HEAT out of 40 deg F cold air to bring it inside the home…??

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