What is CNC Machining and How Does it Work?

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Conversion: For all our non-U.S. friends, 1 Thou is equal to .0254 mm.

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If you’ve ever taken shop class in high-school or watched an episode of how it’s made, you have probably have some idea how lathes and other metalworking machines function. As technology and computers have improved over the years, a new high-precision computer controlled manufacturing technique called CNC machining has spawned.

CNC machines, or computer numerically controlled machines, are electro-mechanical devices that can manipulate tools around a varying number of axis, usually 3 or 5, with high-precision per instruction from a computer program. CNC machining is one of two ways that engineers, machinists, or makers can generate a physical part from a computer design file, with the other being 3D printing, known as additive manufacturing.

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Concerning Reality says:

Apologies for my voice in this video, it was completely shot thanks to a cold. It happens sometimes since I try to keep to a weekly upload schedule. Check out some of our other content if this interested you!

Kevin Luo says:

What's an inch?

Yeah Right says:

I don't understand where you got that idea about drilling compared to a lathe. Both lathes and milling machines can drill. Also "2.5 axis" isn't really "2.5" it's 3, the difference being the machine isn't capable of moving all 3 axis at the same time. Lastly, for (I'd say) 90% of the industry CAM doesn't "automatically" program parts, it takes toolpaths the programmer makes and automatically generates the G-code, there's a difference.

ManMadeDesaster says:

3:46 i guess it has been said countless times but the coordinate system is rotated in the wrong direction^^ Z should be up

ManMadeDesaster says:

2:54 nice

Fabian Nenning says:

2:00 as a CAM Programmer im Hurt

Albert Villalobos says:

As a industry professional I’m simply unable to listen to anything machining related coming out of a non machinist.

K W says:

You do know lathes can be cnc too, right?

alya a says:

Do women work in this trade?


Cad also come with many file format


What file format does it support

Brittaney Plus 3 says:

Love this video thank you very much 😊

MrYeast BS says:

the machine really like it when i hit their g-code

Cliff Campbell says:

With this technology in my hands, I will rule the world…(it sounds better if you say it with a thick accent and a bit of evil inflection).

Yuvraj Singh says:

Best information for all new generation 😊😊😊😊😊😊thank you so much sir 🙂🙂🙂

Kumar Sukrit says:

Cool. But how does it work?

Romann Limacher says:

these machines generally cost more than a couple hundred thousand lol

Brett Beard says:

I’m sure the video is informative but I just can’t. The cadence of the narrator is just as bad as a generated voice.

alex says:

2:56 hahahaha funny number!

Drew Dugger says:

A human hair is .004-.003 inches. Not 7 tenths…

activemailorder6 says:

Never Heard of a 2.5 axis but they do have 2,3,4,5,7,9 and 12 from what I know…..but hey I'm only a machinist. Look up a 12 axis cnc screw machine. It will blow your mind away!!! Damn I should make my What is CNC machining and how does it work video 😛

activemailorder6 says:

A normal human hair is actually around 0.003 – 0.002 thick. If your hair is .00069 something is wrong……

BdaBin Custom says:

"Automatically generates g-code" … Good luck! 🤣 🤣 🤣

Mohammad Ahsan says:

Which type of programming is used in machines used by doctors in hospitals for operations?

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