What is cold welding? Watching this video you will understand!

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What is cold welding? Watching this video you will understand!

This video will use a cold welder to weld various materials, showing the use and practicality of the cold welder. This machine is a new type of super-intelligent precision welding machine, with strong operability, which can bring greater convenience to work and life.

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This machine welding range, materials, advantages: 😍

Suitable for welding 0.1mm-4mm thin metal plates, suitable for stainless steel, copper, iron, aluminum, titanium, silver, gold, galvanized sheet, transfer plate, laminate, imitation copper plate, baking varnish plate, electrolytic plate, sprayed plate, etc. . metallic material.

The scope of application of This machine: 😍

1. Cabinets and kitchen utensils, kitchen utensils, stainless steel countertops, stainless steel basin sink water tank
2. Metal shelves, metal boxes, metal showcases, metal figures, metal crafts
3. White steel doors and windows, color steel doors and windows, copper doors and windows, aluminum doors and windows, galvanized doors and windows
4. Special materials, special welding, special maintenance
5. Thin stainless steel products, such as precision welding and pressure welding
6. Copper coins, copper mirrors, metal antiques and high imitations

This machine welding principle:

This machine super-intelligent precision cold welder can instantly release the electric energy stored in the capacitor to the tungsten electrode and the workpiece in the form of a pulsed arc. The extremely high temperature arc makes the metal material itself or the welding wire within tens of microns. It melts quickly to form a solder joint to achieve the purpose of welding or welding repair.

Because the time is tens of minutes, the heating time of the workpiece is extremely short, the heat is very small, and the high-frequency discharge is accompanied by strong pertinence, which directly causes the heating surface to shrink, so the workpiece will not generate high temperature, will not deform, and will not change color. , Instant heat dissipation, so the workpiece is at room temperature after welding and can be touched lightly by hand.


The Clarksville Piper says:

And this is why you can't trust welds made in Asia

ryan hayes says:

Fake. Nice editing trick

Michaelson Prince says:

😂This is anything but cold

Edokimos 123 says:

Well none of these clips are even real all just cut to not show the arc

Cheek ripper D says:

Now I know why them cheap ebay exhaust don’t last long !!

pacoco pacoco says:

Eso no es soldadura en frío es TIG.

Jonathan Davis says:

The Chinese trying SO HARD to tell this BS "cold welding" technology it is hilarious. The definition is also absolutely in appropriate as there is nothing "cold" about the fusion prices using a TIG welder to produce and ionised electrical arc in innert gas, the very act of melting th emetal in this way indicates lots if heat, just because its in localised pulses and may cool vey quickly (relative to the touch) doesn't make it a cold process.

It's also a shitty process for joining materials over all as others here have stated, it's been possible to do this for decades so it's not new, and it makes people with zero skill and knowledge think they can produce something safe to use.

I've seen dozens of these videos pushing this in my 15+ years as a professional welder.

Emmanuel Reyes says:

"welding", lol.

G says:

not cold welding, this is just tig welding

RT Rivera says:

As a TIG welder for 30 years and former instructor at Lincoln Tech….this is garbage…and Pulse Fusion welding…
By not adding filler metals….you are just asking for cracks. Especially with Hastaloy, Waspaloy ,Cobalt etc.
Unless the 100%fusion is then covered with a HOT PASS…cracks are inevitable.
Its just facts. Sorry

drumtwo4seven says:

Looks like a bunch of "tack welds"

Those are tack welds very little to no fusion.

Jacob Valencia says:

Thank you for the fake video….

rustytr says:

It's for looks cool stuff for sure

BEN 206 says:

This one is easy, if you haven't even used a pulse welder (not a TIG) don't tell the world it's "fake" "not real" "edited"

Damag381 says:

Looks more like somebody learnt how to make fake welding with video editing again….. look up true CMT by fronius

yoe channel says:

I want to ask you something? I want welding effect like you.Do I need to use a large tungsten like 3.2mm to get a large welding effect like you in this video.Do I need to increase the pulse current and pulse time higher like 50A and 50 pulse time? Comment because you are very professional.Please reply to my comment. I am confused. 🤔

Jeff Christianson-Ziebell says:

Yep typical click bait channel… You know if you put the same energy or even half of the into being decent and honest, you will be far more successful – not my opinion that’s a well established fact – I mean don’t you get tired burning energy trying to make the quick buck by being a liar manipulating scum bag?

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