What is MIG Welding? (GMAW)

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This video is an introduction to the welding process known as MIG. MIG or (GMAW) is one of the most popular welding processes.

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Plamena Petrova says:

Amazing and super educational video for someone who knows absolutely nothing about welding! THANK YOU!

KS says:

This video is good but, Its a tip of an iceberg.
It doesnt say – basic things for welders -what gases you use to protect the arc, why do you use those, what metals do you weld with which, what are arc types etc.
American GMAW stands for both MIG and MAG methods, which differ by gas type used but not only that.

Also 1:27 a mix of Ar+CO2 in MIG ? Anything that contains oxygen is active by definition, in MIG you use only inactive (inert) gases to weld for example reactional metals like Al or Ti (though its common to use 100% Ar and spray arc to weld steel also).

Kamikazebee says:

Trash video

Samuel Esios says:

Sir if yuo buy thus migz how much the price sir to today

Meg says:

Very helpful thank you

Cirilomags 7 says:

Sir i am asking you to about mig 90 to convert it Smaw

Bhatkanti - Travel Vlogs says:

Nice video – if your looking for MIG welder – Fronius TransSteel is best deal. It is one of the Best Mig welding machine in India

Fisela Maseko says:

L see the types of weidingi

Thor says:

what's the background music?! love it all

Siva Nagaraju Uggam says:

thank you very much

Christian Childers says:

The gun extrudes wire like a 3d printer extrudes filament

jess rangas says:

Short of additional explanation of how do MIG welding weld into base metal.
i.e. what type of mixing gas you should use, required gas pressure need in order make the base metal and filler wire fuse together.
Just to make your vlog complete and not confusing.

tgp nick andrew says:

Can you please make a video explaining the inverter welding machine. Ty

tgp nick andrew says:

Mig(metal inert gas)use argon. Mag(metal active gas )use carbon dioxide. Arco weld is for stainless steel. 75%argon 25% Co2…

gamine wimal says:

Tell me price

Vishad Sagwan says:

Material of a wire electrode?

Wesley Bates says:

Thanks for sharing such great information. It was really helpful to me. I always search to read the quality content and finally I found this in your video. keep it up!

UncleRody ♪ says:


Hoàng Minh Quang says:

The teacher said here to see

prateet dosi12 says:

Kindly add notes on resistance welding. Plz….

Skit says:

He just covers the basics. Most common wire are sold wire and flux core. They sound different when using them. So do not match the sound with the one you are comfortable with. Solid wire crackles in use and flux sounds like its melting hot with a slight crackle sound. Need that slight crackle to avoid porosity.
Also with flux you run the wire straight. I find with solid wire if you do small circles or back and forth motions. The weld looks heaps neater.
Make sure you have the correct thickness of wire and if your weld becomes a bit messy. Its most likely the hole in the tip is larger from use.
I work with so many qualified tradesmen and they still can't weld.

Faisal AL-Maiman says:

Amazing and clear explanation. The background music is so sick I had to repeat the video twice.

hand made restor says:

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Bro nyakz says:

Thanks for information 👍👍👍

Marsela Aglade Bueno says:

Very well explained, thank you.

Arshad Mehmood says:

اسلام علیکم ویلڈنگ پلانٹ کی پرائز کیا ہے

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