What is the Best Laser Cutter and Engraver for You?

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The past few years have seen a huge explosion in laser cutters and laser engravers for the maker/DIY market. I wanted to break down the top ones I’ve found so far in 2020 and give you my best picks at different price points.

I just updated this video with some new machines! https://youtu.be/d8NuMq7nH7s
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Ortur Laser Master – https://geni.us/xhqAGyI
Ortur Laser Master 2- https://geni.us/yhIh
Full Spectrum Muse Core – https://geni.us/9AH6G
Glowforge – https://geni.us/pzgIi
Chinese 50W Laser – https://geni.us/NsQiB9Q
Orion K40 – https://geni.us/kYTy
Snapmaker 2.0 – https://geni.us/qhwLyzu
Epilog Zing – https://geni.us/B56Os
Boss LS 1416 – https://geni.us/F4Tkg
Emblaser 2 – https://geni.us/WcDF
Emblaser Core – https://geni.us/gjo2ZmA
Makeblock Laserbox – https://geni.us/nglIv
Flux Beambox – https://geni.us/RGDJj6
Flux Beam – https://geni.us/mwYRM
J Tech: https://geni.us/Yk5ZKT
CerMark Spray – https://geni.us/Y0WdrXr


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🤖FAVORITE ROBOTS (affiliate)
Favorite Laser Cutter – https://geni.us/KrbIO
Budget Diode Laser – https://geni.us/W5yj
Budget CO2 Laser – https://geni.us/kYTy
Engrave Metal – https://geni.us/KHK2
X-Carve CNC – https://geni.us/ykswx4
Favorite 3D Printer – https://geni.us/qHrta
Resin 3D Printer – https://geni.us/d8JGVEw
Vinyl Cutter – https://geni.us/oFWm

🛠️TOOLS (affiliate)
Table Saw – https://geni.us/sFzQ
Miter Saw – https://geni.us/h8YkN
Band Saw – https://geni.us/MkqUZ
Impact Drive & Drill – https://geni.us/mfAysU
Drill Press – https://geni.us/dNyI9h
Planer – https://geni.us/yysAwMd
Orbital Sander – https://geni.us/kOil
6 in Jointer – https://geni.us/600Mv
Welder – https://geni.us/PGMBqN
Kreg Jig K4 – https://geni.us/ApW1r1
Plunge Router – https://geni.us/iRGoj
Jack Handplane – https://geni.us/ublnoRQ
Combo Square – https://geni.us/BkCt5n
Woodpeckers 6 in Square – https://geni.us/LMYqdh
PFEIL Marking Knife – https://geni.us/BUcKI
Handsaw – https://geni.us/h9sq04K

📹 CAMERA GEAR (affiliate)
Main Camera – https://geni.us/9nlsv
All Around Lens – https://geni.us/gfEnA6K
On Camera Microphone – https://geni.us/O3McpqZ
Rode Wireless Kit – https://geni.us/NZQsVFA
Diety Lav Mic – https://geni.us/sHyc99Z
Tripod – https://geni.us/x0dRK
Video Switcher – https://geni.us/h5nKZN
Key Light – https://geni.us/fNik

🎙PODCASTING GEAR (affiliate)
Microphone – https://geni.us/QpeqB
Cheaper Microphone – https://geni.us/3HADRSA
Boom Swivel Arm –
Audio Interface/Recorder – https://geni.us/hE656
Cheaper Interface – https://geni.us/OZqa


Susan Chadwick says:

I like your videos, but I am looking for a first engraver for metal (jewelry metals). One that doesn't take up a lot of space or money.

Nathan Breeden says:

The atomstack X7 pro is a diode laser that is 50W it works to engrave metal without powder coat.


Great Video, thanks alot

I watched several of your videos and noticed that you didn't mentioned Laser Pecker , any issues on their products ? should I avoid them and consider one from the list you mentioned

I'm totally new to laser engraving, appreciate your help 🙂

James P says:

Whatever you decide avoid Full Spectrum…..when you have issues and you WILL have issues their tech/customer support is nonexistent!

Not K¡nt@ N@om¡ says:

Do you know if any can engrave gemstones, like quartz or moonstone?

Alphaeus Lamin says:

Thanks for the brief description.

bless everything says:

I'm looking for a laser for commercial use. I will be cutting wood and acrylics. I want it to run all day. Any suggestions

Paul Veenstra says:

I am looking at buying my 1st diode laser. I am debating between the Xtool and the Ortur pro2. If you were to buy one of these two which one you would go with? I know the Xtool is larger watts but I am thinking in one of your videos you said rumor was Ortur is coming out with a 10 watt head also. Also want to buy a Fiber laser to do metal engraving and engraving of guns. What would you recommend?

MENT says:

Can other lasers such as OMtech Co2 lasers and Ortur Diode Lasers engrave on apple products such as Iphones, Ipads, Macbook Pros ect. without damaging the internals of those products?

Key Tronic says:

Thank you for sharing 👍👍👍very helpful information

l Ardoy says:

are the prices of ortur much higher now?

Renette Bronner says:

Good day, I am watching your video for some information. I've bought my KT4060 in 2020 and waited nearly a year for the machine to be delivered. When I opened my box it was only the machine with no software or anything to operate the machine. I am new to this, nfortunately the guy through whom I ordered my lazer cutter don't want to give the chinese company's name and contact details. Where can I find software for the machine. I want to buy the lightsburn but still need the software for the machine.

Shannon Roberts says:

I have never used a laser or cut wood with a laser cutting machine but I want to start a business in this area. What machine do you suggest I get? And where should I get some training or videos?😌

Wonder Reef says:

I need to cut a 50cm sphere in 1/8 layers of wood. what should I get ? my budget is around 1000$ .

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