What's in my tool belt/ tool belt review sheet metal apprentice

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This is a review / what’s in my tool belt video of the klein tools electricians tool belt from home Depot that I have used as a sheet metal apprentice.


Jose Santos says:

one thing I did forget to mention is get a panduit gun it helps with zip tying your flex duct to your round duct.

Mr Lencho says:

Spend some money and buy some occidental bags you won’t ever have to buy any more again. Only carry what you need for the task all those tools will kill you going up and down the ladder over the years. Tinknockers Local 105🇺🇸

HVAC says:

Great job, I have as many tools but we dont carry all at once it depends on what task we doing

C Paul says:

Go to college and get a career, not this sh-t job

muckey says:

What's with those little C clamps? What are you hanging T- bar? 😂

BlackLight says:

4:56 What is that right before the scratch awl? I couldn't make out what was said…

J-bodygod says:

Man you don't need to wear all your tools.

Hammer, snips and a screwdriver and vice grips

R. says:

Jose, you need a tripod to mount your camera on; your video is way too shaky.

Pat McDonald says:

New to sheet metal here. May I ask why you moved to AC tech?

Stephen Dobson says:

WOW bro you got a lot of tools for a sheet metal worker I've been an installer for 13 years and i don't carry nearly that much how do your shoulders feel at the end of the day anyway still a good video for apprentices

Automatic 12 ga says:

Dont need all this stuff in your belt yall just take out what your gonna use daily.

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