What's the true cost of a heat pump?

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The home heating and cooling technology known as the heat pump is incredibly efficient, meaning big potential savings both for carbon emissions and for utility bills. So how good are heat pumps for the climate? And how much money do they save?

Carbon Switch heat pump savings guide:

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This Old House, how a heat pump works:

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Heat pumps that look like George Clooney:

00:00 Intro
00:29 How efficient are heat pumps?
01:17 What’s the CO2 savings?
02:52 Cost comparison
05:50 Heat pumps in cold weather

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Lee Curran says:

I think you need to re look at the numbers.

Sanjana T Ranasinghe says:

I really love this channel they spend so much time and research on making a video

Random Acts of Video says:

3:34 Heat pumps that connect to existing ductwork are more like $4,000 to $6,000 not $10,500

Joselos Barston says:

Jesus Christ loves you and He is coming soon. Believe in Him before is too late.

Gweegoop says:

Wish I was a homeowner so I could install a heat pump rather than natural gas heater.

mmcclen9 says:

Please explain how you concluded heat pumps (running on electricity) save CO2 emissions. A majority of electricity in the United States is generated using Coal and Natural Gas. The most efficient natural gas fired combined-cycle combustion turbine generating stations is barely 70% efficient, also consider line losses getting the electricity to your house, the supposed 300% efficiency of heat pumps is highly inflated. Coal fired plants are even less efficient, being in the 30 to 40% efficiency range. They are only practical because coal is very cheap. It is more efficient to burn the natural gas at the house, verses at a central generating stations, as most home electrical appliances have very low energy efficiency, such as electric water heaters, stoves, ovens, and furnaces. Figures lie and liars figure. Please educate yourself on how the electric grid actually works. Modern A/C electricity must be created on demand, it's does not magically appear at your home.

N P says:

Please explain this 300-400% efficiency. This doesn't make sense with any consistency. Do you realize how stupid that sounds? Basic thermodynamics laws are pissed off at you now.

Kalamity says:

Heat pumps don’t work in cold weather below 32 degrees

平和 says:

Greatly explained!

kurtisallenb says:

We Live in ND and have no problems with our geothermal unit, system is back up with Electric heat (that has yet to be used) if installed correctly and wright manufacture they work. The only thing I have changed was removing the ECM Motor. Power company gives us a discount for the power it uses. The down fall is when the power goes out you need a bigger generator to give it power to run, It is not a fast heating system as Gas it is a bit slower to get to set temp.

phillb9 says:

There is very little heat available when it is very cold. Most heat pumps use electric heat when it is that cold.Twenty years ago there was no supplemental heat in the units. If you prefer cold, the old ones worked fine.

bautista929 says:

Ok, who is the Community fan on your staff ??😂

- ̗̀TheDigli ̖́- says:

Isnt a heat pump very noisy?

Kenz300 x says:

Europe, Germany and the rest of the world have been too slow to transition to wind and solar energy and all electric vehicles.
Wind and solar energy do not need to be imported and can be produced locally in any country.
Europe needs to provide incentives for homes and businesses to install electric heat pumps and get rid of old polluting gas and oil boilers. The move to electric vehicles will also be sped up. There is no good reason to help fund Putin's war by buying oil, gas and coal from Russia.

Ynne Cö says:

I live in a desert climate and a lot of people just put box fans on window sills. It’s super cheap.

Jason Ouellette says:

I live in Maine and I love my heat pumps! They make heat pump water heaters too. Not having to order oil and dig out paths in the snow for fuel delivery in winter is nice.

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