Which is the Best CNC for You? Avid CNC or Phantom CNC?

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I wanted to do this video on my journey into CNC and what I wish I had know before I got too deep into CNC. The machines are a huge investment so I want to help by sharing my experience with both a “bolt together” style CNC and a welded frame CNC. If we are going to spend 10’s of thousands of dollars on equipment, I want to make the right decision the first time. I did not. But that is fine, maybe you will make the best decision for you with the help of this info. This is my knowledge of the @Avid CNC and the @Phantom CNC Systems pro level machines and what I found to be good’s and bad’s of both by owning and using both. Neither company gave me machines of money for this video. I have owned both machines myself and have used both systems for hobby and production runs. Let’s dive in.

Check out Avid CNC:

Check out Phantom CNC Systems:

Omer Composite Nail Guns:

Composite Raptor Nails:

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Kelly King says:

Thanks for all the info. I've had 5×10 avid for a about 3 years now and I'm seriously considering selling it for a phantom. I have to many issues with chattering and accuracy.

TheJustonemore says:

When can I win one,I’m poorly in need of cash. So I think I need a home made one,any thoughts?

mrjtgriffin says:

I really appreciate you doing this comparison. Thanks man

ig8ltd says:

Thanks you for the information. I have not reached the height of needing such of a machine yet..But for sure I like the phantom machine much better now.

My question to you is, can you also do Aluminum cut and if what are the thickness etc.. I looked at the websites and it didn’t say anything about this.

Again thank you

12345 67890 says:

Thanks for your video and all the information you shared. Keep it up the same way you are.

wgenerotzky says:

I wonder how long a bolt together unit will stay tight and straight with all the flexing.

Pinesparrow 🇺🇸 says:

I felt like I just saved thousands of dollars watching this video

Porter Anthony says:

Phantom owes this guy. Best infomercial ever.

luah Gboko says:

I want to go into woods work but I don't have any ideas or knowledge about CNC machine

vladyerus says:

I was curious on the vacuum pumps, do those when connected together in series like you have it require two separate 230v circuits? Meaning in total to run that machine you will need a total of 3 separate 230v circuits ? Or does it somehow connect those two pumps to the same 230v circuit.


Not hating, but I feel like this approach misses the mark. The DIY community is about cheap entry-level systems and custom DIY upgrades. I remember working on a CO2 laser in the 90's that cost several million (I think close to 20mil), was imported from Germany, and needed constant expensive repairs and daily maintenance. Now days you could buy 100 comparable laser cutters.
So for the AVID, why not just bolt it to the floor… and possibly add some additional cross bracing (cables or beams would add rigidity). I feel like that's what DIY is really all about. It used to be that you had to have a bottomless pocket book to play ball. Those cheap machines allow average Joe's a chance to get started. You can immediately turn around and use that exact same CNC to make upgraded parts for itself.
I customized the F out of my Creality CR10S in week 1. At the time it had the largest print bed you could buy but was very unstable. Because of its size its not as steady or accurate as the smaller 3D printers of its time… it uses same extruded aluminum t-channel structure you see everywhere making modifications easy and designs aplenty. It was fun and not that much work modifying it. Now it prints like a champ and didn't break the bank.
Extruded aluminum t-channel is also relatively cheap, so even if you don't machine your own parts you could modify your gantry height for cheap.

Tom Im says:

Was going with an Avid but, now considering a reconfiguration of the shop to accomadate the Phantom. Thanks, Nick, you may have saved this old guy a lot of time and money!

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