Why Heat Pumps Are About To TAKE Over!

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Original Heat Pump Video: https://youtu.be/moQapzjjmQM
You’ve probably heard about heat pumps and probably have. But there are some pretty exciting products that feature heat pumps, that are about to go mainstream. Watch now to find out why, and why I’m so excited about them. So Why Don’t ALL Appliances Have Heat Pumps? Heat Pumps Explained

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0:00 Introduction
0:33 How Heat Pumps Work
1:40 Why They Matter
2:50 My Energy Prices
5:10 Sustainable Home Series
5:50 Water Heater
8:00 Clothes Dryer
10:00 Why Tankless is Bad
11:15 Future of the Heat Pump

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Oliver Brown says:

So, clothes dryer in San Diego. It's called outside, surely. Like, in the air. Like most of the rest of the world including so many wetter places where we think you need your heads read. Clothes dryers in any powered form are ridiculous in your climate!

TheGaussFan says:

I put a heatpump on my pool that lasted about 7 years before failing. Every two years I had to replace a huge plastic insulating pool blanket that couldn't take the Arizona sun. Those huge sheets are still slowly breaking down in a landfill somwhere, because my city doesnt really recycle the plastics it picks up in the special bins. The blanket wound onto a huge roller that was difficult to store in the off season. If wound up wet and stored it would mildew. I didn't replace it when it failed because it had been so much trouble.

ARSON says:

That composter looks like a magic butter machine, but for dirt. So it dehydrates and grinds?

Wierzbik says:

Nope, heat pumps in dryers or modern no-frost fridges are being shoved into customers face left and right because they are very hard or impossible to repair once gas leakage will occur, and thickness of copper leads filled with gas is designed to crack right after 2 year warranty period. Finding and sealing such leakage is impossible because 99% of the time it's microscopic and it's like looking for a needle in a haystack. It's not the future, it's anti consumerism, but i guess it's shiny so only engineers can see through that smoke and mirrors. Let's not even start about modern gas like R1234yf which will kill you once inhaled by accident apart from being highly flammable.

The Man says:

OMG, as someone from the rest of the world, I can’t believe you say that Fahrenheit makes more sense than Celsius!!!!! 0 degrees = water freezing, 100 degrees = water boiling!!!!! How do random numbers that you quote make sense??
Despite this slip up of logic, I love your videos and will continue to watch (despite being frustrated at times).

Eddie Gardner says:

Ricky, this does not compute. The COP for a heat pump with an air-source heat exchanger outdoors is NOT anywhere near 5 when it is really cold outside, and the heat exchanger will ice up, because it would have to operate well below ambient air temperature to exchange heat, freezing moisture in the air. This is why heat pumps have resistance heaters in the air handler to provide heat when it is too cold for the heat pump to produce enough heat, or to defrost the outdoor coils after they ice up. Similarly, when used to air condition in Summer, it has to reject heat to already hot air, which reduces the COP similarly when you need it the most on a hot day. What DOES work is a GROUND-SOURCE heat pump system, where the heat exchanger is buried underground where year-round temperatures hover closer to 70 degrees. In this case, the COP remains at 5–7 constantly, whether heating or cooling the house, because the target temperature for the conditioned heating/cooling zone is almost the same as the ground source temperature, and the supply of heat or “cold” is immense in moist buried soil regardless of outside air temperature fluctuations.

TJ McLaughlin says:

Heat pumps won’t work in the south to keep homes cool in summer time. Those pushing these are not fully honest with their limitations.

Anthony Le says:

Another thought: waste grey water still has a lot of waste heat that could be extracted before dumping the rest of the water to the yard. Can that be used to heat water?

Anthony Le says:

I wonder this: for houses with pools in hot areas, can we use the pool as a heat battery? That is: Instead of blowing kind of hot air (low energy density) over the summer over the cooling coils, the hot coils get cooled by the swimming pool water which we want to heat up anyway. In the winter, when we are not using the pool much, we can cover the pool up with black fabric. The black fabric will heat the pool water on cool sunny days common to SD. Then, we can run the cycle in reverse: the warm water in the pool is used to warm the 🏠 again. Because water has a higher energy density than air, is heat transfer therefore more efficient?

Harry Spence says:

I think this great recommendation may only work for mild climates (40F-90F). I have lived many places north and south and they seem useless below 25F you still have to have a heater. I live in Oklahoma now and two years ago it was -12F with a -27F wind chill at that temp you and your whole house would be frozen solid without the heater. The manufacturer recommendation's for BTU tend to be low so you get those savings they promise, this means in Oklahoma summer at 110F outside it's 95F inside.

Michael Friesen says:

Hells no!
32°F is freezing? No.
Celsius just makes sense. And you'll get the feel of it really fast.

Nicolae Crefelean says:

3:32 🤣 What? F degrees are better because 30s=freezing, 40s=cold, 50s=brisk, etc? Temperature perception is different, then humidity also plays a role in this perception. How about using measuring units that don't rely on such arbitrary things? 0°C = water freezing point, 100°C = water boiling point. Easy to remember, right?

Check out how 0°F was originally defined, because it would be challenging even for a scientist to remember the specific mixture used early on. Now try to convert F to/from C or K (the SI base unit of temperature) and remember that formula involving both multiplication and division. Converting C to/from K is just addition or subtraction of a constant number. Now remember how NASA blew up the Mars Climate Orbiter because some people simply cannot be bothered to use the metric system. Keeping the imperial system makes no sense. It needlessly complicates a lot of stuff for a lot of people.

PalimpsestProd says:

Heatpump for your pool heater? That will take forever and not be useful for immediate demand, however, if you find a way to combine it with those new solar panel systems that vent hot air to cool the PV panels win, win. Maybe? BTW 100' dryer vent?! WTF? Any anacondas living in there?

siral2000 says:

If you live in a mostly cold climate heat pump water heater is not efficient since you'll have to heat the house more to make up for the cold it produces. Effectively you are heating the water with the same thing you are heating your house with, PLUS what energy the pump uses. If you could have a straight electric heat mode for winter it might be worth it.

Daithi354 says:

Fahrenheit is better than Celsius just because you don't understand it, rock solid argument lol. Honestly a statement like that makes me question how well understand basic principles

Gregory Stetkis says:

Soon as you said climate change ,. Im out . you people push communism any way you can .you want commy soo bad try moving somewhere already has it

Michael Plotsker says:

All of this info is great but how do I actually find companies to install these heat pump devices? It is all but impossible to get real info on the local level to make decisions. Btw, I'm from to NYC.

Michael Seto says:

Imperial measurements are dumb. Get with the rest of the world.

Binky the Cat says:

Duuude, lomi is a scam. No wonder your electric bill is so high.

Ted Toal says:

If a heat pump clothes dryer does not need outside ventilation, it still must have to cycle air through the dryer to eliminate the water vapor that evaporates, right? So is that just vented into the room, and what prevents the room from filling up with a lot of lint? I’ve heard that the biggest source of plastic contamination is dryer vents, which spew microscopic synthetic fibers all over the place.

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