Why Heat Pumps are Immensely Important Right Now

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More pumping. More now.

Links ‘n’ stuff:
The original video (explaining how they work)
“Part 2” which is now, I guess, more simply about ground-source heat pumps and some other stuff

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The TC Subreddit

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00:00 Intro
00:43 An old video needs correcting
02:19 The Coefficient of Performance
03:16 Resistive Electric Heat’s Challenges
05:16 How Heat Pumps get around those
07:39 Modern Heat Pump Performance Is Amazing!
08:33 An analysis of Chicago winters and Heat Pumps
10:53 Hourly Analysis and Conclusion
12:24 Caveats (costs and demand)
13:52 The Main Point Of This Video
15:49 Backup heat, its necessity, and the options involved
18:29 Conclusion and where to go from here
19:56 Bloopers

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Technology Connections says:

If you’re here to look at (or join) all the people who want to tell you that they think heat pumps aren’t good, here’s the brass tacks:

Heat pumps are the most efficient way to use any source of energy – including fossil fuels – for heating buildings in almost all cases; recent improvements in Air Source heat pumps have meant this remains the case in all but the most extreme temperatures.

While energy costs to the end-user may be out of whack right now – sometimes more resource-intensive energy is cheaper, for better or worse – it is factually the case that modern heat pumps allow us to RIGHT NOW reduce the amount of fuel we need to consume (a good things for various reasons), and make electrification easier as we go on.

jjcoolaus says:

In Australia many people have reverse cycle air conditioning (ie both) and solar power. If you have batteries as well you are 100% self reliant, but if you only have one tesla powerwall you cannot go off grid if installed correctly because only certain circuits are covered, protecting you from yourself. However being on grid benefits everyone else too as your excess solar is sent to massive grid sized batteries to power you up if your batteries run low and also to power everyone else who don't have solar. Gas doesn't run down my street so I can't have it even if I wanted it (which I don't)

Bits Of Interest says:

Steps towards a Net Zero house (in order):
1) Insulate well and make the building enclosure as air tight as possible. You'll need a fresh air system because it's no longer coming in through the cracks in your walls.
2) Electrify your heating and cooling.
3) Install solar.
4) Install a battery backup.

john2000951 says:

What would the efficiency be of using liquified natural gas through a fuel cell, which has a byproduct of water, to charge a Tesla power wall, and then power that heat pump?

Sega Boy says:

I haven't seen your videos in a while. It looks like you've made a great transformation!

ECAConcepts says:

Next Episode "I messed up. Heat Pumps are not important."

MrDjBigZ says:

no they are not for we all not all from hots places so you know XP

Andrew Littlejohn says:

I’m in the UK, my electricity supply is currently 7.75x more expensive than gas

Eric Zetterlund says:

Can we pump the heat from FL? Who wants it? We have heat to spare.

Colby Clipston says:

Portland OR electrician here. When we do load calcs for new residential construction, it is assumed a heat pump is being used for the heating/cooling unless specified otherwise. That should clue people in on what they should use for their existing house, because we're no stranger to snow up here.

Winter Star says:

Companies must first make their heatpump minisplit systems have a real-use-life of a minimum of 20 years, or owners get stuck in an endless constant-lo$$ loop, with zero ROI.

Clay Peterson says:

Pump, baby, Pump!

Milorad Menjic says:

8:11 not exceptionally efficient, they are exceptionally expensive 😂😂

RJT135 says:

I'm holding out hope I can get another couple years out of my ancient gas furnace (it's from the Bush administration … and not the recent one) and heat pumps will get a bit more headroom on the low temps. Feels like a week or two at -10's is becoming normal around me.

Daniel S says:

Just got a new HVAC installed. It's gas. I used to have an air source heat pump, and it worked ok but was on resistive half the winter. It also cost more to run than forced air gas. At the end of the day, money talks and 96% efficiency is good enough for me. If I ever build a house, it'll be set up with ground source.

Mrs. H says:

Okay Alec. Enough’s enough. It’s time for a haircut.

jbinary82 says:

It's funny as here in Europe we got a scam with electricity: we pay all the electricity we waste a sit was coming from gas. So, no matter it comes from solar panels… you pay the most expensive bill you could.

David Malinovsky says:

I have an oil fired hydronic heating system. So the opposite of what people usually talk about.Switching to anything that requires air handling seems a bit of an endeavor. Best part about oil is that sales and service are local.

New Me says:

No such thing as, "Fossil" Fuel." 💯

Spoot Bot says:

Hate energy is the most abundant resource in the world, capture it all!

Captain America 1776 says:

yeah we as a country can worry about climate change while Russia ain't threating to nuke us, while in the mean time for the next 2 & 1/2 years our President can't even remember his wife's name. let's fix those 2 problems first then we can look at Climate Change, ok there cupcake.

theangryintern says:

9:25 The air hurts my face. Why do I live in a place where the air hurts my face?

Marion Johnson says:

In Sweden heat pumps working down to -35C are not uncommon. We often compare the SCOP-value since it is reflection of the efficiency over a wider range of outdoor temperatures. HP with SCOP of 6,1 are available from f eg Panasonic. We are just about to install two HPs for outdoor buildings. In the main house we have geothermal heating together with 95% recovery of the ventilation heat. It's a know brainer really. Thank you for focusing on this to the benefit of our mutual home, the earth.

Lati says:


Pololang says:

Our warm water is produced by heat pumps. we had one issue in four years,but it works great

Josh Fredman says:

"Mom, the friendly YouTube technologist is grabbing people on the street, shaking them by the shoulders, and shouting at them how ludicrous it is that they don't have home heat pumps."

"That's how you know you live in America, Billy: We know all the right answers, but we don't like any of 'em. He'll probably go insane and try to turn the entire city into a giant mega-heat-pump, so maybe we should move."

Laughing Orange says:

Where I live we get almost 2 months where our heatpump isn't enough to keep our house warm. Do I still recommend getting one? YES. They are amazing, and save tons of power, just don't get rid of the resistive heating as a backup for those cold winter days.

xenotherat says:

How does the heatpump work on those -23°C days? Because these are the days when I need the heat the most. Your theory sounds nice for 90% of the time, but if have no furnace to burn stuff on these extreme days I'll just freeze to death.

John Peat says:

There's a chap – lives not far from me – who's vlogging work on his house and he did a video on heat pumps which – erm – isn't so glowing (literally and metaphorically)


He raises a particuarly important point which most people ignore – the idea of every house around me having A/C/Heat Pump running 24/7 is horrifying, it would be absolutely impossible to deal with

Sure – if you live somewhere houses are spaced-out or in a city where other noise is unavoidable it might not matter – but here in the UK our houses are pretty well stacked-together and – frankly – I just don't think it's a viable idea.

Pablo Quijada Salazar says:

You should start a firm of some sort, and talk to landlords and landowning firms about changing the heating systems on their properties. But… that would just make rent go up

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