Why YOU Shouldn't Start Your Own HVAC Company | Let Me Explain…

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One thing I hear all the time is how people want to run their own HVAC company. So, that got me thinking. Is everyone fit to run their own business?? Let’s talk about it. Hope you enjoy the video, LET’S DO SOME WORK!!

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Falloutnewskyrim says:

If you own ur own business why can’t you just hire techs to work for you then you can just stay at home and do paperwork and phone calls and stuff. It’s still less work then being out in the field. And you do make more money.

XFatDaddy says:

Try scotch bright on flame sensors, works beautifully.

VF1Skullangel says:

I wish people would consider all these factors before saying "Just start your own company" I don't wanna go into business for myself because I'm not interested in sales nor managing or developing a business plan. I realized im happy being about to clock out and go home. I am thinking of quitting the trade because of Low Wages in this trade.

Gleefull says:

Half the video is just random things😂

John Farris says:

Just outwitting 20 halfwits isn't as easy as it sounds. The question is, do you care.

The DIY HVAC Guy says:

What’s up man!! Love your content. I’m actually from Murfreesboro myself. My mentor taught me everything I know so I started my own business here in Salt Lake City Utah. I take for granted all the knowledge he imparted sometimes, but I’m always learning and adapting. Thanks for sharing your skills with everyone! Cheers

Victor of HVAC says:

Good stuff!.. waiting to hear back from the state for my cac #s and then I'll be full sprint on my own. In the meantime I'm paying myself to learn the ins and outs of the business aspect of things and networking in my area. Great content brother. 👍

daverobins182 says:

Passes Dave Ramsey, talks about budgeting, eats fast food twice lol
Everything you said was true though, I like the brick and mortar I work for there is value in that certainly, God bless!

Thomas says:

As a tradesman for a couple decades this is my observation: if a tradesman does not want to get tossed out like trash when they get old, then they either need to eventually work for themselves or through a union. Otherwise, it is just back breaking work for not enough pay to ever retire, and it is likely your body will be played out when you are in your 50s. So you can only retire and comfortable provide for your family by either making substantial money working for yourself or getting a retirement through a union while still making a decent buck. Union work seems less every year and not in every area, so working for yourself might be the only option. The trap is working for someone else your entire career non union for what seems like a decent buck. If you do not want to work for yourself and no union is available, I would consider state work that has a pension.

Michael Wayne Phillips says:

Keep on keepin on Tennessee shout outs from Texas

AustinAirCo says:

I didn't start my own over money. I could work for larger AC companies and be worked to death while making good money. But those places are high stress churn bucket. Money without quality of life is no life you want. Sure it takes time to build a company, if you view anything about the HVAC business as work like making videos, blogging keeping up running the company telling yourself that if you think you are going to work remotely for a day then you can pretend to work somewhere else.

After working for a number of companies for 14 years I came up with a plan and now looking back 14 years later of working for myself. I had some really good years and I had some years that make me wonder how I survived. When you are working for someone else for a paycheck you never consider those things. Those hard years only provide flavor now to my otherwise weathered HVAC career of 28 years. Not bragging, just explaining. I am nothing special, just dedicated to those I provide service for and that in and of itself is a hard commodity to find these days.

I like the variety that HVAC provides after putting in the time and effort I approached it from the stand point of working everyday. If someone lives in my area and willing to pay for service I will go and see what I can do for them. At the end of the day HVAC Service is what runs this business. It doesn't stop to take a day off / phone it in to work remotely? If you want real work HVAC will provide you that and in person.

If you go into business for yourself, for it to be a success you have to be in it for the right reasons. Taking time off isn't one of them. You need to be able to eat, sleep and drink whatever the business is. Since I started my own I have never once taken a vacation, I work every day for 14 years. There are lulls in that time that I take breaks but they are not really planned because if I have a paying customer on the line I will drop everything at a moments notice. If you can't do that I doubt you will see any success in HVAC.

Kevin Hofer says:

On the finance part. Get in touch with Dave Ramsey

Xeno says:

I love how you brought your son with the lecture. Great dad! Teaching them young is the key!

Dave Thomason says:

damnit. you're spot on in this video. I got nothing critical to say about it. Good job!

Juan Lagunes mendoza says:

Que vídeos geniales saludos

gtaking gaming says:

One thing I noticed you didn't cover is insurance its a must for starting out

Alex Ozorio says:

Any books you recommend on money management and starting businesses?

American Traditional Dad says:

My mentor is a GC of 27 years. He ran all that time contracting and subbing with other contractors. His biggest advice for me getting into it was to become a GC and to use the technology to systemize because the truth is you can work less if you have smarter systems and keep yourself organized, he also said if you run "lean" meaning don't buy everything brand new you don't have to earn as much to be in the black. Finally he said be a true Capitalist and in times of surplus build your brand. These are just things I've absorbed, there are a few ways to do it right but they all take the same things discipline, focus, and persistence!

no body says:

I'm just tired of making other people wealthy

Billy Flanagan says:

Balance is key to working less.
Learn to say no and find a reliable company that your customers and you can trust to fill in for you when can not make it.

Scott Russell says:

I started my own gig in August 2020. Im a plumber/gas fitter. I do heating. I agree that it’s very challenging. One of the hardest things is staying motivated after you get a few big jobs in the record books. You get a little comfortable & there isn’t anyone telling you to go to work. It takes constant self discipline. So rewarding though!!

JST says:

I just want to focus on mini splits units to decarbonize here in the North, or as they also call it, HVAC 2.0. I don't care if they are hard to trouble shoot and suck. All today's units suck. At least I care about how the install goes, and most don't!

Tommy Kellett says:

Hey man great video! I'm about to start up my own company and ease my way into it. Any advice on software that could help me? Business, load calculation, duct design, etc?

devendra sharma says:

Good job bro your work 👍
My work ac technician

John Mastie says:

I saw the Ramsey building, have you done his program? Thanks for your videos.

Jason Bright says:

Great video

Kevin Rader says:

Anyone who starts they’re own hvac company should go straight to the local union hall and become a union contractor, you’d be an idiot to not, you get great business, you make money and your guys are taken care of, win-win for everyone. Non union companies= work hard and line your owners pockets.

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