World Incredible Modern Agricultural Equipment and Machinery You MUST See | MM Channel 2018

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In video:
– Agricultural Equipment and Machinery in the world: India, USA, Germany, Asia;
– Mega Machines;
– Small Agricultural Machinery and Engineering;
– And other…


MM Channel says:

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Reinaldo Souza says:

Com esses eficientes maquinários fica muito mais fácil desenvolver os trabalhos no campo!👏👏👏🥇🏅🎖🏆 Em Ituiutaba-MG,as 22:32,dia 04/06/22.👐

Robert Payne says:

The second found use in the northern latitudes for digging graves in winter…designed to get through the frost line

sông nước miền tây says:

Thật tuyệt vời bạn ơi

Sheryl Leithner says:

Thank you for caring… ✌

Zuber Khan says:

Chutiya mat banao hamko hamesha bare ko target Karna chahiye chhote ko to kabhi bhi mar sakte hain

Zuber Khan says:

Chutiya mat banao pakistan se ka bhi bhi lar saktey hain chaina ki bat karo ???

Ghshhhgh Ggugh says:

ياحصره ياالجزائر

Himanshu Choudhary says:

3:44 sound of disc ❤️🤌🏻

Damian Buzon says:

Glifosat 🤢

Khmer Dhamma Network says:

Good videos

file name says:

Random stuff eh.

Oğuz Kağan says:

Süper 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

믿음소망사랑 says:


Sterian Alina Nicoleta says:

When a family its being bullshit with no fucking reason

محمد سليمان says:

عبدالله ادم محمد

Beatriz Garcia says:

Para mí que no sabía de su existencia me parece maravilloso está tecnología tan avanzada estas maquinarias inventadas que vienen a ser más llevadera la existencia y arrancar a la tierra lo que ella nos puede dar para alimetarnos esa deveria ser la primera prioridad de toda la humanidad

Farm Cambodia says:


Raymond Ashby says:

3:30 why the hell would you want to drive a combine harvester round and round in a puddle ?? PURE PRANIT

Tractors in Pakistan says:

Brilliant machines. We love farming

Tractors in Pakistan says:

Excellent working & nice video


The work of the machines is incredible. These machines help a lot of people in these plantations. People should not exist for the sake of work, as for the reduction of jobs or something is what all society should think and try to solve, for example, not to reduce income, so that there are many people who work more easily and happily, or even get higher income.

Светлана Устинова says:

Мы в полной в жопе в раз витее в селкм хозяйстве пака не научмся не варовать у себя

C-130 says:

😂 thumbnail shows the largest plow I’ve ever seen being pulled by three amazing tractors. The first video shows an old guy lost in a pond with his tractor. 😂

DURK says:

Essa thumb não faz sentido

James Scott says:

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Teti Satibi says:

Peralatan pertanian canggih

Marian Hoban says:

Bumbac' BRO'

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