Wow!!!!! Amazing Plastic Welding Machine Review | Staple, Fix & Repair

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The Plastic Welding Stapler is a great tool for tacking broken thermoplastics together so a permanent weld repair can be done. With wide variety of specialty staples, you will be able to strengthen virtually any type of thermoplastic repair, from inside and outside corners to narrow mounting tabs.
Also use it as a soldering iron .


To operate, simply insert a staple into the brass electrodes then press the button. Press the hot staple into the thermoplastic to secure and reinforce the damaged area.

* Multi-positon staple contacts
* LED light for illuminating tight spaces
* Simple one button operation
* Accommodates all staple sizes

Applying staples: 1:25
Trimming down the staples: 1:36
Using a corner staple: 2:47


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Andork Kuomo says:

Instead of cutting the tabs off why not bend them back & forth and break them so they won't protrude above the surface?

Mani Saumani says:

Where I can buy it.

Prince Dehli machinery prince says:

कीमत किया है ??? और कहा मिलेगा

Juan Zuniga says:

This is an awesome video with excellent demonstration thank you for your time


what nama of tools?

Dinesh Kumar Parashar says:

From where this staple is available

Tim Bain says:

Bent paper clip, soldering iron.

suranga kaushal says:

Hot Stapler Plastic Repair System Welding Gun Bumper Fairing Auto Body Tool

Saishwar Gurav Realistic Paintings says:

Hello bro.. You dont need that welding machine.. We knw u can make the same machine at your work shop with jugad things 😎 you will make it under 500 rupees .. I think we dont need this 5000 rupees machine.. We have you bro … God bless you

Mo Shazza says:

just ordered this with your link . hope it turns up. but i see its a 2 pin plug. i need 3 pin in uk. will have to buy a adaptor

Ganesh Lugade1990 says:

किंमत क्या है इसकी

thomas obonyo says:

How and can I get the plastic welding machine in Kenya and at how much?

Mr Eighty Twenty says:

Does it have a plug that would go into a NZ 240 V wall socket?

Chathuranga Rathnayaka says:

Thank you very much.

Suzuki Adil Zafar Motors says:

How much rupees

Medial A says:

End cutters would have been better in this kit

goblok nekat says:

Gwe trlanjr ga prcaya sama orang negara lu cuy, banyk bener chnnl yg bikin ttrrial abal2.

corey Matthews says:

great video ty

God's Child says:

I like this a lot

Beezy King says:

The staples you’re using are better in line with the crack due to the fact it’ll cover larger areas.. especially the ones you first used.

Mr Pakistan hacker says:

wat is inside this plastic welding machine

md dilshad says:

Awesome welding machine bro⚡⚡⚡👌👌👌👌👌👌


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