You NEED to Know These Things When Buying a CNC Plasma Cutter

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This video is the first in our series of videos “A Comprehensive Overview to CNC Plasma Cutting” and we hope you find some useful information in here to to make an informed decision on your CNC plasma purchases!

You all voted and so here’s the first video of (over a combined hour of) CNC plasma content! As we continue on with this series we will cover everything you want to know about CNC plasma table ownership such as, designing parts, how to quote jobs and make money, how to maintain your machine, and much more!

Thank you to ShopSabre for sponsoring this video! They did not tell us what we could or could not say, so all the opinions shared in this video are our own. We genuinely believe they make a great product and we have many positive things to say about them, as you’ve heard us say many times before.

Consider ShopSabre for your CNC needs:

0:00 – Introduction
2:20 – The Basics of CNC Machines
5:20 – Thoughts on ShopSabre & DIY
8:01 – The Plasma Cutter
10:10 – What Is Our Computer
13:27 – Overview of Infrastructure
14:01 – The Air Compressor System
18:52 – Why Does Dry Air Matter?
22:23 – Q&A

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Filmed and Hosted by: Tay Whiteside
Featuring: Wyatt Allen
Edited by: Walker Hooper
Music Licensed from

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Any technique or methodology shown in this video is purely for entertainment and informational purposes only. Lift Arc Studios and their associated craftsmen are not liable for any injury or damage to your shop or surrounding areas you man incur while trying to emulate these builds. Remember, be safe, have fun, work smart!


Jan Smit says:

Nice explanations on the machine. You even found a good application for the least favourite part, the magnetic torch holder, for picking up the hot cut parts from the table.
Question: In the milk shutter(different video), the machine removed the square and rounded hole first before cutting it out of the sheet. I assume that you entered this cutting order in the programme and that the machine is not that intellectual.

Paul Thomas says:

Good & insightful info on a cnc plasma table! I haven't looked into plasma cad/cam tables in several years, & Shop Sabre was new to me. Thanks

Jacob Bicondova says:

The 4th type of matter doesent matter. 1 matter. 2 anti matter. 3 dark matter. And FOUR DOESENT MATTER.. JK.. loved your re model. Stay say safe….

DXO Logistics says:

Thanks for this video dude, I have an interest in ductwork manufacturing so I'm looking at the different types of machines and learning as much as I can. Thanks for this video.

CJ says:

20:13 Its the arc voltage that is measured / used for THC. Plasma machines are CC (Constant Current) machines like a TIG / SMAW Welders and thus the voltage of the arc is dictated by the length of the arc. The machine is always going to put out the set current and the voltage will fluctuate as the arc length fluctuates. Moisture in the air as mentioned gives a false reading to the controller because it changed the arc voltage for a given arc length so the controller will think that the height is not what it really is and thus will change the height to try to hit and maintain the target voltage.

Its strange to me that you had a diving problem from moisture as it should always cause a lifting issue, not a diving issue. The reason why is because the more moisture in the air, the more electrically conductive the air is (i.e., its electrical resistance is less) and lower resistance means lower voltage for a given current (Amperage). This is Ohms Law of electricity and since lower voltage equates to shorter arc length, the controller should think that the torch is too low and thus lift it if there is a high moisture content.

Jonathan Roberts says:

Title doesn’t match video

Ziyad S says:

You didn't install a spindle to those perfect circles? Or tap them.

devin whitaker says:

What PLC is on it?

Nathan Mciver says:

Lol, thanks for the heads up! So what your saying is, when I have time to pretty up older videos I have I can say I have a buisness! Or maybe not for the sake of my health! Yes I love real metal work! Smiles help Prices are really off, except yup! Takes awhile! Its where a person feels comfortable! $26'000? Ouch

Stephen Thomas says:

Thanks for the video. It was helpful for me on several different levels.

Apistosig says:

Windows? I'm gone!

Lindsey Smith says:

Really helpful video. I’ve just purchased our first cnc plasma. How often do you need to replace the sheet rests (I don’t know what they are actually called) on the table?

Vishnugupt Sane says:

What is that computer card called that controls the CNC?

Reloader Len says:

Great Video!
How is the Sterling Cool working out?
I just received the Side kick 8 and just filled with the supplied green stuff. So many horror stories out there I’m thinking on draining it before I make my first cut and swap to the Sterling cool !

Joe Whitney says:

Thanks for sharing.

Mark Smith says:

Looking at a CNC myself, awesome video thank you for your time and effort in doing your vids. Basics that many vids over complicate, well done!

Wheelin N’ Dealin says:

This is awesome hahaha I love the straight to the point descriptions, subscribed

Jeffry Blackmon says:

This is a GREAT video. As a former CNC plasma and CNC water jet operator (now retired) I think you covered all the fundamentals for someone to consider.

DogCreek - Customs says:

I also do home plumbing and using the pex I have seen before but you mention it's easier I disagree may be cheaper but a long ass air line or hose with some STC push on fittings is all that is needed maybe a pair of cutters to cut any excess hose off from being way to long is all the tools you need you don't need no rings no crimpers, etc. I would have run it in half the time but I also used to work in a hose & fittings factory to know what is best to use but I have seen a few shops do the same and nice job. lol

DogCreek - Customs says:

Thumbs up to the video!

DogCreek - Customs says:

I do agree with some of the stuff you say like compared to machine torch & hand torch just having a plasma cutter is a big difference and between getting a table or a plasma cutter first I agree with that get the plasma cutter first so you can still bring in cash.

DogCreek - Customs says:

I'm sorry to say you mention you build custom computers, etc but you don't have time for it and you're a very busy man but you have time to make youtube videos to help fork out the cash you bring in because as it seems you're not as busy as you say you are and that's ok but I run my own business and have been for 4 years might be in a less populated area then you but I make time to fix my own stuff and stay well knowledged in it and my quality is far more cleaner. I just don't cut a sign clean it up with a flap disc and paint it there is far far more steps then just that. I clear the mill scale off with soaking then prime the sign then powder coat or even spray paint but you telling everyone you're a busy man with a CNC business and don't have time but you make videos and the steps you do to make signs. I'm not being ugly but just commenting on what I am hearing. lol

DogCreek - Customs says:

I bought a jd2 4 years ago and they have poor quality customer support but their tables are a dream as my controller is like 8 times smaller than any other tables but I am my own customer support my controller broke down and the factory wasn't able to help me figure out the problem so I educated myself with what hardware they used and with a 32 year computer background I was able to tear the controller down rebuild it using faster newer hardware and re-configure it to work with a faster SBC or single board computer. So if you're not a computer guru tech supports helps out from what I am told. lol

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