Your ULTIMATE guide to sheet metal fabrication and welding – 1942 Cadillac Fleetwood / ep068

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Your ULTIMATE guide to sheet metal fabriction and welding – 1942 Cadillac Fleetwood / ep068
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Tri-5 Club says:

Thank you for today’s class

S H says:

Great worker I'll say but don't copy this dude, what a mess. Look at his poor thumb from being blasted over the years 🤣


Great work my man, Thank you for your time and expertise. Great video top notch craftsmanship.

Recovery12Life says:

Jesus man, ben weldin 26 years and gone gloveless a time or two but your finger so close gosh dang holy golly dagnabid. Lol

Oliveira Investments says:

I do love the way that mate works… brilliant… !!! Should do a full car restoration video!!! Lots to learn and many likes… Bless u all

jaime perkins says:

Jeez mate ! How many times have you had "arc-eye" ????

S m says:

Lol ! Breaking all the Rules !! Way to go Old Cock!

Paul Zonneveld says:

Where can a guy get an awesome pair of sheers like ones you were using ??

andrew clarke says:


Ch 42 says:

The lid can come down on the helmet you know 🤣 cheers for the info never the less mate

Lucas DeMello says:

I could follow most of it as I've done some welding at the body shop thats a nice neat tool 8:58 he used to space out the lip to fold skin around underhood.

Jyrki Jyrki says:

Thank you for the wisdom!

Arthur De Leniq says:

The first 5 seconds is enough for me

0623kaboom says:

wouldnt it be nice if one had a device that made it so the bright sparks of mig wleding dont burn your retina's out … you know a face shield kind of thing that sits on your head and you can flip down with a little jerk so you can spot weld and bead weld without damaging your one set of eyes …
you know something like that FACE SHIELD ON YOUR HEAD …. name a shop teacher that wouldnt kick your ass out of shop permanently for being so bloody stupid … here yu would be lucky to not get expelled for that lunacy and if you worked in a shop and did that you would be fired before your sight got rid f the last spot welds bright arc

Blue Bandit says:

First clip, no face guard, no gloves, no grinder guard, no general health and safety practices, and an injury.

I'm 24 and a fabricator and welder, I wouldnt work in the same workshop as you ever, youre a liabuility.

William Wimbourne says:

Excellent teacher.

Deedee Corpz says:

Totally new to this stuff.
Where do I find someone who does this stuff and who can give me help with a job?

Jim Neumann says:

Close your eyes and it’s “Michael Caine presents…” 😛
Great content !

Sheet metal fabrication / CNC machining / Stamping says:

Good work and Good welding tech !!! We also have rich experience in sheet metal fab, we are a strong manufacturer in China, with high quality and competitive price.

kieren meier says:

Keep a close gap with each tack it will want to close up so grind it almost flush and hammer and dolly the weld to stretch it back out the gap will open back up again use that as a reference rinse and repeat all the way along as you tack make sure your flush then come back and fill the gaps 5 tacks at a time grind and hammer and dolly again then planish until finished once you learn to stretch the shrunk weld area back out heat isn't an issue either because you can stretch it back out so you can move much quicker.

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